Small small world

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Father Charles Picot‘s  motion to release will be heard this afternoon (Thursday, 20 October 2011) by teleconference:  2 pm at the Fredericton Court of Appeal.

We’re thinking of you Derek.  I know you can’t be there, and it’s probably frustrating not being there to see and hear first hand what goes on.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

I don’t know if anyone lives within driving distance of the Fredericton Court of Appeal, and I’m not so sure it’s worth the trip to see what’s going on, but if anyone does go please pass on word of the outcome.

I wonder could Picot be released on the spot?  I suppose if the judge decides to rule on the spot he could be?  I truly wouldn’t be surprised to get word that he is out as of tomorrow afternoon, so, brace yourselves.


 I added information to the page for convicted molester and Catholic teacher Mark Baggio page.

Baggio finally had his license revoked.

18 October 2011: Baggio loses teaching licence 3 years after conviction

What a surpiose to see that Marie Henein was Baggio’s lawyer on the appeal.  And what a comfort to see that her conspiracy theories didn’t do the trick for her here.

Those familair with the Cornwall sex abuse scandal and cover-up will remember Marie Henein.  Henein was one of Jacques Leduc‘s lawyers, both before and during the Cornwall Public Inquiry.  Leduc is the married Cornwall lawyer and Church canon lawyer who “walked” on the back of Perry Dunlop and a host of conspiratorial theories.

Leduc has since settled out of court on, I believe, at least three lawsuits.

Anyway, interesting to see her name there – another reminder that it really and truly is a small, small world.


I received an email a few days ago from some who said he is having a rough time and needs to talk.  He wanted me to call.  Because of the names which were mentioned I thought I knew who it was, but I was mistaken.  I tried responding by email but the emails bounced back.  I don’t want to mention your name.  If you read this please send me your phone number and I will call.

Enough for now,


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