A donny-brook

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I decided best I get to work and finish posting the info for those listed on the Accused page:)

There are three new pages added today:

(1) Father Almer Levasseur

$1,000 fine plus banned from surfing the internet for three years!  For possession of child pornography!!!

Can you really believe it?!

And this man spent years in the scouting movement.

Note that after his conviction and kid gloves sentencing he was off to Quebec serving as ….a hospital chaplain!

(2) Father Bernard Lee

Now this was one royal mess.  Just read the media articles.  There was an outright donny-brook in the Church – during Mass!

I don;t know what exactly happened which triggered the removal of Father Lee and the outright fury of the parishioners.  There is one reference to talk of sexual and financial improprieties.  That’s it.  And then, a year later, word of the audit and the bad news that the parish was over $6,000 in debt.  I don’t believe there were nay charges laid there?  If anyone knows any more on this  please get in touch at cornwall@theinquiry.ca

(3) Father Barry Desmond

There was insufficient evidence to go to trial, but, from the time the charges were laid Father Desmond was on sabbatical for a number of years, and then “on leave,’ and then gone, or, at least his name is not listed int he Church directories.  Rather strange.

I have contacted the Chancellor of the Kamloops Diocese to find out if and when Father Desmond was laicized/defrocked.  As yet, no response.


Any word on Father Charles Picot‘s  motion to release?


An advance reminder that the theft trial of Father Yvon Doiron is next Tuesday in the Campbellton, New Brunswick, courthouse.  If anyone can make the run into Campbellton be sure to mark your calendar.  I will try to get the time tomorrow


I get some pretty interesting emails.  Here’s one from today.  I have vetted the language:

I am messaging you in the case of jean claude Lefebvre. How about you
back the f— off and leave him alone. He is an old man who has
serious health problems; and people like you will be the death of him.
You don’t know the story behind all of these allegations Just put it

On that note I will call it a day 🙂

Enough for now,


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