‘Good references’

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Father Jose Silva has a court date in the Hamilton, Ontario courthouse this morning, time unknown.


Thanks to Lowell we know that Father Levi Noel was sentenced to a one year and six months – the sentence is apparently to run concurrent to his previous sentence.   Such tender mercies and compassion from the courts!

And Noel grinning!

But, ah yes, he got a good reference.

But, …..don’t they all get good references?  Don’t all of these wolves in sheep’s clothing get good references?  Everywhere?  Wern’t the large majority known and viewed as ‘great guys’ and ‘wonderful priests’ before they got caught – before their victims summoned the courage to come forward?  Isn’t that part of the game plan?

No matter, good for the victim for speaking up.  Thanks to him and the others before him we all know what a  ‘good’ guy Levi Noel really is!!

Enough for now,


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