Mini crisis

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A mini- health crisis in the family has me away from home and computer right now.  All is thankfully well – a bad case of pneumonia.  I knw that’s not great, but I honestly feared much worse.  So, my husband and I are baby-sitting while things get sorted out at the hospital.

I left home early in the evening  in such a rush I didn’t even grab my laptop!   I will not accomplish much tonight – not used to either the computer or the  wavy keyboard 🙁 My plan earlier in the day had been to comment on the email exchanges with the Chancellor of the Peterborough Diocese re Monsignor Martin Wain which I posted.  I also wanted to make comment on an article I scanned and posted re Wain’s parole.  I will leave it all for tomorrow when, by the grace of God the mini crisis will be over.   For now, without comment and for those who missed them, here are those two postings:

19 October 1990: Wain back living in rectory

September 2011: Emails between self and the Chancellor of the Peterborough Diocese regarding Monsignor Martin Wain

Enough for now,



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