Go or no go?

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As I commented elsewhere on the site, Monsignor Robert Borne has indeed had court dates this week. There was a motion filed on Monday.  The judges’s ruling on that motion was expected by late afternoon.  Whether or nor not a second motion is filed in court tomorrow depends on the ruling of the judge.

The public is free to attend.  Unfortunately I can not tell you whether or not the motion tomorrow is a go or a no go.

Motions aside the trial is still booked for November.


I will get my email exchanges with the Chancellor of the Peterborough Diocese re convicted molester Monsignor Martin Wain posted tomorrow.  I haven’t forgotten about them.  I was hoping against hope that Father Devereaux might have reconsidered and answered my questions and at least acknowledged my last emails.  No such luck. I feel that, under the circumstances the best thing to do is publish the exchanges.  I will definitley do so tomorrow.

Enough for now,


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