Like pulling teeth

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I had every intention of blogging two major updates this evening, but I’ve decided to wait until tomorrow.  I am bushed 🙁  Not the physically exhausted bushed, but just plain mentally wrung out.

A good part of today was spent trying to sort out what has become for me the Monsignor Martin Wain mess.  A few pieces are coming together, and I do have a lot more bits and pieces of information, but, it’s all not adding up and it’s not making sense.

I have been in touch with  Church officials with both the Manchester, NH and Peterborough, Ontario dioceses.  Any hopes of getting things sorted out through those channels seems to have come to a grinding halt.  They have the information I am seeking, but, it’s like pulling teeth to get it.   I am still waiting a response from the Chancellor of the Peterborough Diocese.

I will see what tomorrow brings.  If there still are no answers I will print the email exchanges and let people draw their own conclusions.

Meanwhile check the page.  I have added information from both the American and Canadian Church directories. I also scanned two pages from the 1985 American directory which shows Wain, a priest incardinated in the Peterborough Diocese, at the New Hampshire Monastery – but also noting that he is from Peterborough, Ontario.  It really is bizarre.

1985 Official Catholic Directory (pages giving Wain’s address at the New Hampshire Monastery and also showing him at or affiliated with the Diocese of Peterborough, Ontario)


People from Ottawa and surrounding area will probably recall ‘the skateboarder” and the 1990 acquittal of Father Michael Mullins.  One year later after his acquittal Mullins was off to Ireland where, in short order, he was charged and convicted of molesting a young lad.

I always wondered about “the skateboarder” – I wondered how the trial and acquittal impacted him? I wondered  what impact the judges’s demeaning and derogatory comments had on him.  I just always felt badly for the boy. He was very publicly made out to be a good-for-nothing liar.  I always wondered if he felt at all vindicated when word got out that Mullins had been charged and convicted in Ireland.

In Ottawa circles he was “the skateboarder.”

Well, today I actually had the good fortune and pleasure of talking at length to “the skateboarder.”  To say he had a rough time pre-, during and post-trial time is putting it mildly.  It was heart-rending to hear what that boy went through.  I will share tomorrow. People need to know.


I misread the legal calendar and erred when I blogged a few days ago on the Gabriel Del Bianco pre-trial date.  It is  this Thursday, 22 September 2011.

And 16 September 2011 was a court date for Father Jean-Claude Lefebvre.  I will find out later today when his next court date is.


I have been meaning to pass on word on an upcoming conference in Montreal, Quebec. The conference, “Trauma & Transformation: the Catholic Church and the Sexual Abuse Crisis,” will be held at McGill University, 14-15 October 2011. The conference is hosted by McGill’s Centre for Research on Religion.

I know little about it aside what I read here on the conference website.

The list of presenters is here.

On that note, I am calling it a day,

Enough for now,









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