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Barring poor weather conditions from post-tropical storm Irene, ex-priest Albert Leblanc has a court-date ‘for election and plea’ at the Yarmouth, Nova Scotia court house tomorrow.    Weather permitting I encourage those in the Yarmouth area who plan to attend to call the courthouse to find out.  I also encourage those who are free to do so to attend.  It is so very important for the complainants to have support.  Please do try to get there.

As always, please post a comment or a link to media coverage with the outcome of the proceedings. Or, please send me an email at

My thoughts and prayers and those of so many others are with the complainants.


A heads up to people in the area of Tracadie-Sheila, New Brunswick.  Father Levi Noel has a court date on Wednesday morning, 31 August 2011, at 10 am.


I hope and pray all of our friends in Atlantic Canada are safe and sound  as Irene winds her way out of North America.  She may no longer be a hurricane, but there’s the prospect of a heavy rain, storm surges, high winds and power outages.  Stay safe.

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