Denying to the bitter end

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Father Charles Picot has been sentenced to 8 months behind bars and ordered to pay a $700 fine for the sex abuse of Derek LaPointe in the late 70s.

23 August 2011: Former Bathurst Priest Will Be Sentenced Today Local News (Audio clip from Max 104.9)

23 August 2011: Former Bathurst Priest Will Be Sentenced Today

The eight months isn’t a lot for the damage done, but, here again I was concerned there would be no time behind bars at all.  I personally was relieved to see 8 months.

Despite his conviction Picot seems to think he has done no wrong and claims innocence. On one hand he apologised to Derek for any negative impact he may have caused on Derek’s life , but, on the other, he claimed he did nothing “immoral” to Derek.

Picot’s attorney was also on the falsely convicted theme:  the lawyer said the Catholic Church already has a bad wrap and that pointing fingers at the clergy these days leads to an automatic guilty plea regardless!

I wonder what the judge thought of that?

Anyway, even with the conviction Picot continues in denial. A few months behind bars, however few they be, may help Father Picot to re-think and re-assess his past actions.   

Derek described Picot as a lion amongst his prey and advised that society should not tolerate his immoral acts.

Amen to that Derek!

I am sure it is a huge relief for Derek that this is all over.  Thank Heaven he had the ‘good fortune’ to be there for the sentencing and hence the opportunity to read his Victim Impact Statement in person and in Picot’s presence. 

And, right about now convicted child molester Father Charles Picot is probably right where he belongs: behind bars. 

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