Who ‘gets’ him?

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I have access to the net 🙂  Due to time constraints I am limiting postings to those covering our disgraced and obviously depraved Bishop Raymond Lahey’s sentencing hearing (Phase One) of yesterday )04 August 2011.

04 August 2011: Disgraced bishop’s laptop had child porn, torture pics

04 August 2011: ‘Quite graphic’ images in bishop’s child porn collection, court told

04 August 2011: Ex-bishop’s laptop held child torture photos

04 August 2011: Sentencing begins for disgraced N.S. bishop found with child porn on laptop

04 August 2011: Lahey may not have viewed all child porn images

Ah my.

Child porn ++

And images of torture.

And “The Masturbation Chronicles,” a  tome  of some sort about – can you believe it? – a character by name of Father Raymond.

What a disgusting excuse for a human being let alone a bishop of the Roman Catholic Church.

This really is one of our Canadian bishops!!

I swear to goodness I can not read the coverage without my mind wandering off to ponder images of Lahey engrossed in his porn while alternately twinking and penning some liturgical ditty to which we  poor souls have been subjected over the past years.

What an outright digrace he is.  Disgusting is too mild. I am at a loss for words.

Interesting but not surprising to learn that Lahey’s lawyer Michael Edelson is perhaps trying to advance the December court date.

I thought December was the chosen date the second time around because that was the only date which worked for one and all for Dr. Bradford’s testimony?

Has something changed?

Why, if it’s problematic, was it set it the first place?

I think we were all aware that December would be  problematic  for the bishop.  Lahey checked himself into jail last May, no doubt counting on serving at most four or five months before sentencing.  Once sentenced, what with good behaviour and deplorable conditions,  he would  be out as soon as sentencing is pronounced.

I don’t think the master plan was ever for Lahey to still be sitting behind bars awaiting sentencing in December?

Think about it.  Why, if his hope is for the minimal one year sentence, would Lahey spend seven months in jail pending sentencing?   (and rest assured the push will be for the minimum one year)

Five or six months max behind bars would probably be good enough to see him a free man on a one year sentence.  Possibly even less?  Four months?  Four months would be a third served, and that’s not unheard of.

So, the push is on to get him out.  Voluntary imprisonment or no, Heaven  forbid he spend one more day behind bars than is necessary

It’s a rather strange state of affairs.  Unless his lawyer (Michael Edellson) gets things rescheduled his bishop-client is about to serve seven months before sentencing, and there’s a darn good possibility that that is a few months more than he needs – or wants – to serve.

Lahey I am sure is not a happy camper.  Probably, due to the nature of his crimes, in protective custody.  And at the Ottawa Carleton Detention Centre to boot.

I have a feeling that something somehow went seriously amiss here.  I dont know what, but I really don’t think this is the way Edelson and Lahey had it worked out.

And, note what Andrew  Seymour has to say in the Ottawa Citizen:

On Thursday, Edelson raised the possibility that Lahey — who voluntarily went to jail following his plea — would no longer be behind bars by the time the hearing resumed. While Lahey’s crime carries a one-year mandatory minimum sentence, offenders can be released on parole as early as one-third of the way through their jail term.

That seems to imply that, if Phase Two of sentencing is, as currently scheduled, in December,  Lahey will NOT be sitting behind bars and will not be escorted in from the OCDC.

Out on bail?

We shall see.  I do believe that one way or the other Lahey will NOT serve seven months pending sentencing.

I hope and pray I am in error, but I think our twinking bishop will serve no more than a few measly months for his atrocious and perverted  crimes.  Then it’s back to wandering the streets of Ottawa lugging his backpack, and perhaps the odd celebration with pals at Springurst?

Will he, for that matter, stay here in Ottawa?

Where will he go after his few months in jail?

Will he return to Newfoundland? to St. John’s perhaps?  or maybe somewhere within the Diocese of St. George’s?

Who ‘gets’ him?

I don’t think he would dare return to Antigonish.  I could be mistaken, but, I dont think he’d be well received there.

Will all hymnals bearing his name as author od some liturgical ditty be banned?

They should be.  I personally cringe when I see it.

What a sacrilege!

And, what of his laicization?  Has anyone in the upper echelons done a thing to get him out of the priesthood?  As quickly as possible?

‘Better that a millstone be hung around his neck..’  That’s Biblical. ….


As most of you know, I am on holiday for a few days.  I don’t know if I will internet access for the next few days.  If yes, I will keep an eye on things and blog and/or post articles when I can.

Keep an eye on New to the Site.

Enough for now,



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3 Responses to Who ‘gets’ him?

  1. Reality Checker says:

    From the CTV site…..”A second charge of simple possession remains against Lahey, but it is expected to be withdrawn as part of the plea deal when he is formally sentenced later this year.”

    What’s the penalty for possession that will be withdrawn???

    BTW – Hope you’re having a fabulous time Sylvia – all is well on this front 🙂

  2. Bobbie Bees says:

    Child Porn. Funny ain’t it how all these guys, once they get caught with it, want to pretend they didn’t know what it was? They even go to great lengths to minimize it.

    Russell Williams, the former colonel and base commander of CFB Trenton also had quite the sizable collection of child porn on his computer. But in trade for his admitting guilt in the two murders, the crown agreed to pretend the kiddie porn didn’t exist. What was he afraid of?

  3. 1yellowknife says:

    Here is a theory: Rape, murder and pillage are ‘the spoils of war’ and his sick mind could justify that. Child porn is not. He could not admit to it.

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