May I never become immune…

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Two court dates today:

(1) Father Bohdan Borowec ‘s sex assault trial continues today on Hawaii.

(2) Phase one of Bishop Bishop Raymond Lahey‘s two-phased sentencing hearing is today at the Ottawa court house, Ontario.  My apologies, I don’t have the time, but for those planning to go to keep track of the proceedings I would suggest you be there by 9:30 am.

I do hope some people can get there.  I am on my way for a short holiday this morning so will miss the day’s events. While I am keen to get away for a few days I am disappointed I can’t be there 🙁


I have posted several articles on the conviction of fugitive priest Father Godwin Scerri.

May I never become immune to the abomination of clerical sexual abuse,  the sheer depravity and arrogance of the clerical molester, and the utter sacrilege and horror to which these child-victims are subjected .


As I mentioned before, I am uncertain what access I will have to the internet while I am away.  I think I should be alright for tonight but am not sure of the following few days.  Please post comments about media article below.  If you post a link with a comment it will probably be held pending my assurance that it is not spam.  If I can’t get online those comments will sit there until I can.  However, once I give them the OK they will be posted.

Alternately, a media article can be cut and pasted into the comment box.  If you go that route please be sure to indicate the name of the publication and date published.

Please do what you can while I am away to keep others updated with information which you have at your fingertips.

I must now call it a day.

Enough for now,



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