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Ukrainian Catholic priest Father Bohdan Borowec’s sex assualt and kidnapping case has gone to trial in Hawaii.  

02 August 2011: Priest on trial for sexual assault

02 August 2011: Trial begins for visiting priest accused of sex assault, kidnapping

There is bound to be confusion over the spelling of both his given and surname.  I opted to go with Bohdan Borowec when I first added his name to the Accused list: that is how he is listed in the Canadian Catholic Church Directories.  The media in Hawaii is referring to him as Bothdan Borowic.  It is one and the same person. I don’t know why the variations in spelling.

Bohdan was charged in February of this year.  The case is at trial! 

Absolutely amazing!  The alleged offences transpired 13 February 2011, and less than six months later a jury trial is underway.

I don’ tknow how long the trial will take.  There should hopefully be more news today.  I marked it on the Legal Calendar for every day this week, but, that was a guess on my part.  (I’m confused on the name business myself.  I just noticed I entered it int eh Legal Calendar as “Bothdan Borowic.”  I won’t bother changing it :))


I will be away for a few days as of tomorrow morning.  I think I will have limited internet access, at least, I HOPE I do.  I will check for any really breaking news and will certainly post what I can when I can.

I will be missing Part One of Bishop Raymond Lahey’s sentencing hearing tomorrow (04 August 2011).  That’s a bit of a disappointment for me.  I really would have liked to be there, but, I’m quite happy to be heading away for a few days, plus, I will be able to make Phase 2 on 19 & 20 December 2011.  The latter dates are for cross examination of psychiatrist Dr. John Bradford who penned a report for defence.

I wonder if Lahey will ask to be released pending Phase 2 of his sentencing hearing in December. Somehow I don’t think he had banked on this turn of events (sentencing stretching into December) when he gallantly offered to go directly to jail after his conviction last May.

Would seven months behind bars exceed whatever sentence he may get (don’t forget the inevitable time off for good behaviour)?  Furthermore, I think that although there has been a tightening of the belt as far giving inmates double time for time served pre-sentencing, I don’t think there’s been a change in double time or such thing for time served at the notoriously over-crowded Ottawa Carleton Detention Centre?  

Will Lahey stick it out to December?

I’m not so sue that he will.  Besides, he may be good and ready for a break. 


I am trying to get some more information on the charges in Malta and conviction of  Father Godwin Scerri.  I probably won’t get anything accomplished before I go, but I will definitely find out what I can after I get back next week.


Keep an eye on New to the Site (access manually by clicking “New” on the black horizontal menu under the picture)  I post a link to all new postings on New to the Site.  When I’m busy or away I frequently just post the articles without comment.  I leave it to you to read and have your say.

I will blog later today

Enough for now,


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