Another fugitive

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Look at this.  Read and weep:

31 July 2011: Canadian search warrant for Maltese priest remains open

Since reading this I have added further information to the Father Godwin Scerri page.  I am still trying to sort out bits and pieces of what exactly has happened and is happening in Malta.  Scerri is a native of Malta.  He was at one time a member of an order of priests known as the Missionary Society of St. Paul (designated by initials mssp).  It looks as though he is now a diocesan priest in Malta.

I’m not sure when exactly he arrived in Canada, but he was serving in the Diocese of London, Ontario in the early 80s. 

He high-tailed it back to Malta in 1993.  I think he was gone around the time sex abuse charges were laid against related to allegations of sex abuse of a young boy between 1983 and 1984.  

Smells to high Heaven is putting it mildly.  This man bolted the country in 1993 to elude justice.  Officials at the Diocese of London, Ontario claimed they were unable to force him to return.  Church officials in Malta put him back with children. 

Now – after a seven year investigation in Malta!!! – Scerri is facing charges related to sex abuse of children in Malta.  From what I can see some if not all of those allegations post-date his return to Malta as known fugitive from justice in 1993.

Last year, after Scerri had been on the lam for 17 years, the OPP re-opened its investigation and officers said they would like to see Scerri extradited. 

And now it looks like it will be an eternity if extradtion ever comes to pass because, after years of foot-dragging in Malta,  Scerri is  finally facing criminal proceedings in his homeland.

This boggles the mind.  It truly does.

Why oh why was this man not extradited years ago?

Why was he allowed to run loose amongst the youth of Malta?

This is sickening. 

It’s unconscionable.  At so many levels. 

I will see what further info I can find to sort out what exactly has been happening in Malta.

And, I have a very basic question:  Why did Scerri come to Canada in the first place?  

I am trying to sort out if any of the Malta charges are related to allegations of sex abuse which would have pre-dated his arrival in Canada.  

I can not stop wondeiing:  What about the children?  I can not believe the total disregard for the safety and being of children. 

My thoughts and prayers are certainly with the complainants on both sides of the ocean.

Enough for now.






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