Where is he now?

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I’ve added a page with further information on Father Michael Mullins, an Irish-born priest of the Archdiocese of Ottawa and former White Father who was acquitted on a sexual assault charge in Ottawa and one year later was sentenced to 8 years in Ireland for beating a young man to force him to engage in sexual activity! 

There were many who actually rejoiced with news of the charge and sentencing in Ireland, and rejoiced only in that the victim in Ottawa had been treated so deplorably and shabbily by the courts. 

Then of course there were inevitably those naive and/or ignorant souls who still flatly refused to believe that Mullins had done or could do any wrong.

Where is he now?  Where is Michael Mullins?

I will leave it at that for now.  There are a number of articles on the page.  As always, a disturbing but informative read.

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9 Responses to Where is he now?

  1. Lee says:

    Re: Fr. Michael Mullins

    Whereever he has settled, I sincerely pray he has managed to find an effective, ongoing treatment process which he is sincerely committed to.

    There is a Fr. Michael Mullins who teaches at an Irish seminary. See http://www.maynoothcollege.ie/TheGospelofLukebyMichaelMullinsSaintPatricksCollegeMaynooth.shtml

    Also, during most of the time between being charged and eventually acquitted, he resided with the Madonna House training centre in Combermere, ON. One of their priests, Fr. Robert Pelton, accompanied Mullins when he made court appearances. Undoubtedly any information about Mullins would be held in confidence, but it is my guess that some member of that community knows his whereabouts.

    • Stephen Sakamoto says:

      There is no cure… magic or otherwise for this type of abuse! Death is the only one known. Let’s stop pretending that there is a humane way to deal with these sickening realities!

  2. 1yellowknife says:

    Does anyone have contacts at Madonna House in Combermere – if so, get in touch. They need to know that if Mullins had come clean and if the Canadian victim had been treated with consideration and respect, the horrendous second victimization in Ireland may have been prevented. Enabling untreated deviant priests may feel like a good deed – it is anything but. This is sad, sad, sad.

  3. Michel Bertrand says:

    Where the rubber hits the road. Two friends of Fr. T. Moyle are Fr. R. Pelton and Fr. Denis Lemieux of the above named community at Madonna House in Combermere and he probably knows where this abuser is hiding and what he is doing.

  4. Michel: I don’t have any first hand information, but here is an email address for the Registrar of Priests at MH where you can ask: registrar.of.priests@madonnahouse.org

    Fr. Tim

  5. Michel Bertrand says:

    Jimmy posted a note on this Mullins fellow he is in Toronto, teaches English as a second language and he is known as the pervert teacher at a local college and targets young men in bars..probably younger men on skateboards as well. Sad that this fellow is working in a public forum that requires some integrity and trust. he gewts them to drink and lures them back home.

  6. Michel Bertrand says:

    Near his residence on/near Eglington and Yonge.. The area is home to a variety of small retail stores, restaurants, larger stores, and a mall/movie theatre complex. Numerous public high schools dot the neighbourhood, including North Toronto Collegiate Institute, Northern Secondary, Forest Hill Collegiate Institute, several private schools, and the TCDSB (Catholic board) Marshall McLuhan Catholic Secondary School and St. Monica’s Catholic Elementary School. Public parks in the area include Eglinton Park, Oriole Park and the Belt Line Railway.

    a real playground for his obsessions I would think ..lock up your sons !

  7. Scotland Wharram says:

    *I am sorry to hear he is doing well and actually teaching in Toronto he is less than an hour from my front door but thankfully I am probably to old for his tastes.It saddens me that he’s known as the pervert teacher and regularly attends bars.Its all I can do not to seek him out and say a big “hello” to him but I must remember I would most certainly be back in court and I am not loosing a day of my freedom for the degenerate but I have consulted a lawyer and I’m going to do my best to limit his drinking money

  8. PJ says:

    Mr. Wharram: Go for the throat…if you need the best lawyer for this kind of issue, Robert Talach is your man. Good luck in your quest and keep us posted.

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