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Father Albert Leblanc has a court date today, 29 August 2011, for election and plea. At the Yarmouth, Nova Scotia  court house. 

My apologies, I do not have the start time.  

I urge those who are within driving distance  to attend.  My thoughts and prayers are with those who filed complaints against Leblanc. 

Please, anyone who attends or has news,  give us an update with a comment and/or a link. 


 On 27 July 2011 I received an email which reads as follows: 

Hi Sylvia, 

Just a quick note.

I sent a very brief note of congratulations along to Taoiseach Kenny for his valiant position in the legislature re the Cloyne Report. Much to my surprise I received an acknowledgment of receipt. 

I also, sent a note of thanks to Monsignor Eamon Martin, (today) for his courageous words.

He too will be subjected to abuse from the hierarchy. (Truly, there are so many victims at so many levels.)

I so believe, these brave souls need all the support we can provide for them.

Needless to say, a very high price will be extracted from each of these souls for their stances. 

Cathy C.

 Attached were the (1)  the email sent by Cathy to Taoiseach Kenny; (2) an email response from the office  of Taoiseach Kenny, and (3) the email sent by Cathy to Monsignor Eamon Martin. 

I asked Cathy if she would agree to having this correspondence published.  I believe it will be good for the victims of Windsor to know that Cathy is rallying on their behalf, and I also believe Cathy’s emails are a gentle reminder that it is good to reach out to those we admire for speaking out and taking a stand. Cathy managed to track down contact email addresses online.  We can all do likewise. 

Cathy kindly agreed to let me publish, so, here are the emails: 

RE: Cloyne Report 

25/07/2011 03:04 PM 

Dear Taoiseach Kenny,

Congratulations on your brave and exceptional stand on matters erupting from the Cloyne Report.

I live in the relatively small Diocese of London Ontario, Canada. We have lived through the discovery of some 22 priest molesters. They have left a trail of in excess of three hundred victims. Some have died, others convicted and still others presently serving jail time. The historical and present day actions of the Church call to heaven for justice.

Your stance against the Church is a most courageous position “in the name of all children world wide.”

Thanking You,

[Cathy C]


email to the Taoiseach

27/07/2011 05:48 AM

Dear Ms. [C]
I wish to acknowledge receipt of your email of 25 July, 2011 which will be brought to the Taoiseach’s attention as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely,
Patricia Collins
Assistant Private Secretary
to the Taoiseach
Telephone:  01-6194020
E-mail:        privateoffice@taoiseach.gov.ie


 Monsignor Eamon Martin,


Dear Monsignor Eamon Martin,

It is with a sense of hope that I read your words.

They are words of hope that there are those in the Church who will speak out from such a pure heart, regardless of personal consequences from the powers above.

I live in the London Diocese of Ontario Canada, where previous bishops have ignored, covered up and transferred some 22 predator priests leaving in there wake in excess of 300 victims. 

May the Light of Christ surround you and sustain you in your courageous, compassionate, efforts.


[Cathy C.] 

Well done Cathy.  Well done.  Keep writing.  Keep encouraging others.  Keep passing the word of the horror which transpired in your own backyard. 


I am losing track of what’s happening in Ireland.  Losing track only in the sense that something isn’t making sense, at least not to me.  People are lashing out at each other, and logic seems to have flown right out the proverbial window. 

Look at these articles:

29 July 2011: ‘We have waited years for this to come out’

28 July 2011: Priest apologises for likening Irish PM to Hitler over attack on Vatican

28 July 2011: Accused priest allowed to train youths

28 July 2011: “FF senator names priest at centre of sex claims” & “Order whose priest is named in Seanad as abuse accused says it brought claims to gardai”

Now why did Justice Minister Alan Shatter   have a tizzy fit that Senator Mark Daly used parliamentary privilege to name Fr Donncha Mac Cárthaigh:

“It was completely inappropriate that an individual who can’t answer for themselves… should be simply pilloried in the Seanad,” said Mr Shatter.

The thing is that Mac Cárthaigh has been reported to police no less than seven times:  no charges. His order, the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, have been aware of sex abuse allegations against him for years and had feebly and it seems reluctantly and futilely,  attempted to limit his activities.

Why the upset?  If priests and others are soon to be mandated to report all privileged communications to ensure that children are not at risk and molesters are rounded up, why the upset?  Police had failed to act to reign this priest in.  The Missionaries of the Sacred  Heart had failed to reign him in.  It seems to me that in this particular situation Senator Mark Daly undertook to do what no one else would do: identify this man publicly, for the good of all. He did what we all expect and continually demand our bishops to do. 

I don’t know.  Where is the line drawn?  If,  despite numerous sex abuse allegations against him, people are letting this priest prance around the country,  what to do?  If the reports we have to date are fact there’s not much point is there  in going to police specifically because the police had been told time and again and no action was taken?

And. where does a person’s “good” reputation fit into this?  Is there such thing as a “good” reputation with the likes of Fr Donncha Mac Cárthaigh?

Anyway, in this particular instance I personally think Daly did a huge service to the people and children ofIreland.  I beleive he did the right thing.  He had ample evidence to back what he had to say.  I am sure he did not take such a step lightly. 

Alas, I have the sense that had Daly not uttered the name Fr Donncha Mac Cárthaigh the general public  would never have known about this priest’s shady past and the multiple sex abuse allegations against him – allegations which seemed to fall on deaf ears – at all levels, both in and out of the Church.

 So, yes, I for one am glad Daly decided to use parliamentary privilege to alert the public.

Shattter apparently is not.

That I just do not understand.

According to the Irish Examiner, every since Daly uttered the name Donncha Mac Cárthaigh  victims have been calling to tell their stories. 

That, I would say, is a positive outcome.

Parliamentary privilege and contradictions aside, there’s the news that the first allegations against  Fr Donncha Mac Cárthaigh were investigated by the then head of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart in Ireland.  And the head of the order in Ireland at that time was Mac Cárthaigh’s  brother , Fr Ciarán!   


And look at the news that the priest who wrote the tribute for Fr Ciarán’s 40th jubilee last year was a convicted molester, a convicted molester who has apparently been described as Fr Donncha Mac Cárthaigh’s ‘lieutenant.’

Is another inquiry perchance in the offing? This just reeks to high Heaven. 

And, on a slightly different note, there’s the priest who likened the Irish Prime Minister to Hitler. 

That caused an uproar.  He has since apologized.

Not smart.  Probably words uttered in haste   But, not smart at all.  Fuel to the fire.

There is chaos inIreland.  Sadly, but ever so understandably, there is chaos. The clergy who brought this on have much to answer for, first to the faithful and the courts, and then, inevitably – as must we all – to God. 


Some updates on court dates:

(1)  Father Levi Noel

Next court date:  10 am, 31 August 2011 at the Tracadie Sheila court house, “for election.”

(2) Gabriele Del Bianco

Next court date: 09:30 am, court room # 3, at Sarnia court house, Sarnia, Ontario“to set a date.”

(3) Father James Boudreau

Next court date: 9 am, 26 August 2011 at the Guelph Ontario court house, for pre-trial.


This is not dealing with a priest, but I had to post it.  It was the talk of Ottawa on Wednesday.

27 July 2011: Pedophile jailed for having child porn

Have you ever seen a rationale like this?  

What about the children?   When he’s back out on the streets a few months from now, what about the children? 

This man is a diagnosed bisexual paedophile. 

What about the children? 

La La Land!

Enough for now,


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