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Another number of articles posted on New to the Site  (access manually by clicking on “NEW” on the black horizontal menu above this post).

Honest to goodness, my mind is frequently in over-drive as I post one scandalous expose after another.  I invariably have a zillion things which I want to say and fully intend to say, but, sometimes by day’s end I am worn out and my brain is mush 🙁  When my days are full the first thing to go is any in-depth blogging.  I believe it is of greater import for all that I get articles posted and, as seems to be happening with greater frequency, make phone calls and do any research which is required on information which is sent my way.

Today was one of those days.  I was on the phone a lot, and also doing some research on an interestung matter which was brought to my attention: I need to determine if it is in fact something which I could or should address here.  I need more information –  will pick up where I left off tomorrow.

I want to get back to work on the Accused list.  I still have information on a number of the Accused which needs to be posted.  I really do want to reach the point that there is a link to a page with further information for each Accused.  Once that is accomplished it will be much easier to start extrapolating and grouping data by diocese, bishop and so on.  I would eventually also like to have the names of the Crown attorney, defence lawyer and judge affiliated with each of the Accused.  That may prove more difficult, but, with assistance from all of you, it is doable.

Right now there has been a lot of media coverage.  Ireland of course has erupted yet again, and rightly so.  It does my heart good to see the media coverage.

And, I must say hats off to the Windsor Star for the extensive and excellent coverage it has given to clerical sex abuse scandals within the London Diocese. I do hope and pray that it continues.  I also hope and pray that the Star is not subjected to a barrage of ‘complaints’ from those  intent on shutting down further such coverage.  Rest assured it does happen!


Does anyone have any news on what happened in court yesterday on the Gabriele Del Bianco charges?  I haven’t seen or heard anything. 


I posted this earlier in the day: 

26 July 2011: THE shame and sorrow

Every now and then I am touched by the comments of a priest or bishop.  Such occasions are, sad to say, few and far between.  Those by Monsignor Eamon Martin, the Vicar general of the Diocese of Derry (Londonderry, Ireland), fall into the category of the few and far between.

“If we find it hard to listen or talk about the findings of the Cloyne Report, what must it be like for victims?……It is clear that many of those who were courageous enough to come forward and speak of the terrible things that happened to them were treated dismally. What must have been the consequences for their lives? For their faith in God? For their confidence in the Church? As a priest, I can only hang my head in shame and sorrow at it all.””

“…words on a page do not protect children. Guidelines and procedures are only as good as those who are entrusted with putting them in place.”


And, regarding Prime Minister  Enda Kenny’s damning indictment of the Vatican and response to the Cloyne Report, Monsignor Martin said that part of him “wanted to object, to find fault and criticise him for being unfair.

“But to do so would have been like closing my ears and avoiding the uncomfortable truth. Trust in us has been grievously damaged. It will take a long time to rebuild it.”

I know nothing of Monsignor Kenny.  I am however touched by his words. I hear genuine concern for the victims, spoken with compassion and humility.  He sounds like a priest should sound.  We need more  of that.  It is so desperately needed – and so very very welcome.

Enough for now,


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2 Responses to So very very welcome

  1. proudsurvivor says:

    Reading those words from Monsignor Eamon brought tears to my eyes. as you said Sylvia they are few and far between. If only people understand how hard it is to come forward and how the silence of others is so hurtful to the victims.

  2. Cheryl-Helene Thomson says:

    The heartbreak of slogging through one scandal after another is not limited to this website, Sylvia. Although the stories exposed on the website I give below are not related to the Catholic Church, the man who keeps posting these dozens of reports on a daily basis has been doing this for some time. How he manages to swallow the bile you get in your throat from each of these accounts must rank up there with other miracles. Sylvia, here is a fellow soldier. – Cheryl-Helene


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