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I posted a series of articles this morning.  I am now on my way out for the day so the object of the exercise for now was to get them posted.  Hopefully I will have opportunity this evening to blog a few of my own thoughts on several of the articles, if not tonight, then definitely tomorrow.  

23 July 2011: Abuse victims struggle with mental health problems

23 July 2011: Ex-clergyman links scandals to Vatican

23 July 2011: Tests aim to weed out abusers

23 July 2011: Priest left legacy of pain

20 July 2011: Enda Kenny’s Speech criticizing the Vatican

23 July 2011: Kenny reflected anger, says bishop

23 July 2011: Mea culpa?

23 July 2011: Catholic church’s Plymouth ‘youth protector’ had child porn

23 July 2011: New names for pedophiles

23 July 2011: Sentencing delayed

Enjoy the beautiful – and hot – weekend 🙂

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  1. Reality Checker says:

    Sylvia – it looks like South Korea has aced it……

    Let’s send them to South Korea for punishment!!!

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