“It’s never too late…”

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Another former student of Saskatoon’s St. Paul’s High School  has spoken out with sex abuse allegations against convicted Basilian molester Father William Hodgson Marshall:

16 July 2011: Student says he revealed abuse in confessional

That is good news.  It is always good to see those who have suffered in silence for so many long years summon the courage to speak up.  Good for you Bob Kloshinsky. 

And more good news…

Tim Ryan and Gary Mulligan have given statements to the Saskatoon police and an investigation is now underway.

My thoughts and prayers, and I know those of many others, are with all of you.  Rest assured that others will draw strength and courage from yours.

It is no surprise I suppose that Hod declined comment.

As for what the unidentified priest had to say to priest Bob Kloshinsky in confession (the priest told him to “smarten up,” say 10 hail Mary prayers and go back to class): this is one instance in which I would have no difficulty with a priest being jailed, in this instance  for what he said to that child in confession.)

There are indeed other measures which the priest-confessor could have taken.  Certainly, as is mentioned int he article, the boy should have been told that he did nothing wrong.  Further to that, a  little encouragement with carefully chosen words would quite possibly have convinced Bob of the need to go to police.  And a little encouragement with carefully chosen and compassionate words would quite possibly have prompted Bob to agree to open the subject of the abuse with  the priest-confessor after confession.  If, in this scenario, the child, for any number of reasons, declines, the priest’s hands are tied.  What is said in confession is never to be repeated. 

Unfortunately the priest-confessor opted to chastise the boy.  That priest was no more fit to be a priest than is Hod Marshall.

One final comment….

Staff Sgt. Jean-Marc Woisard spoke well: he siad, amongst other things:

“The one message I have is that it’s never too late to file a complaint or to get help.”

Amen to that.  It’s never too late. All of you who have been suffering in silence for years never ever forget that it’s never ever too late to speak up.

Enough for now,



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