The truth is finding an out

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I haven’t yet managed to read the 04 November 2010: Cloyne Report.  Hopefully this weekend will provide ample opportunity to do so.

There are a number of new articles posted, the large majority dealing with the Cloyne report itself or the aftermath to its publication.  Check New to the Site to access the links.  To access manually, click on “NEW” on the horizontal black menu under the picture. I am posting much of the coverage from Ireland because I believe we can learn from the cover-ups there.  We can certainly be reminded too that some Bishops will and do continue lie with alacrity to protect a known clerical molester.

There is little comfort in that knowledge, but, it is important that we all remember that it does indeed happen.

I believe too that it is good to know that the cover-ups continue, that despite all the past episcopal excuses and rationalizations that ‘we didn’t know, or ‘we didn’t understand’ nothing has changed – at least not in the Diocese of Cloyne.  If once upon a time lack of knowledge and/or understanding were truly the problem, there has by now been ample opportunity to move beyond such ignorance.   And, yet, here we are.  More of the same. And  a lying bishop who transgressed boundaries and is now holed up in places unknown to boot! 

As dishearenting as it is, I honestly see the exposure of the truth as a good.  I forget that at times, but, it really is postive. 

True, this is a report from one diocese in one country.  Does that mean there are similar cover-ups and other bishops around the world lying with the alacrity of Bishop Magee?

We shall see.   The one for sure is that slowly but surely the truth is seeping out.  As much as these bishops and Church officials try to cover-up, and as much as they lie, the truth is finding an out.  For that I thank God.

I still wrestle with the legislation which will legally oblige clergy to report any child sex abuse allegations heard in confession to police.  I can not get beyond the reality that the priest-confessor will be caught between a  rock and a hard place.   Either risk jail or risk excommunication.  There is no happy medium here. I continue to ponder this.  I am getting nowhere.  I feel for the decent priests who will carry this burden which has been brought on by bishops and clergy who have spent a lifetime molesting, and/or covering up and/or lying.   

And, all of the Church talk aside, I am thrilled to see that this legislation will also be applicable to lawyers and doctors.  True, that is for Ireland, but, it’s a start.  It has always bothered me that lawyers in Canada can sit upon the names of known molesters who are at large.  The same holds true for, for example, the staff at institutions such as Southdown who “treat” clerical sexual predators.  In a multitude of instances treatment is rendered and the priest is recycled back into a diocese without a soul knowing that this particular priest was ever accused of laying a wayward hand on a child.

It will also put an end to the nonsense wherby diocesan officials ensure a lawyer is present when discussing particular allegations of clerical sex abuse – this to claim solicitor-client privilge on all discussions and therby ensure continued secrecy/cover-up.

So, there is much good coming from the publication of the Cloyne Report.   I personally have more thinking to do on the Seal of Confession.  As a practising Catholci who beleives in the Seal of Confession, I don’t think I will find a happy resolution, but, who knows?  I will continue to think it through and read what  I can.

I will leave it at that

Enough for now,



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