Can he check himself out?

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A few new articles posted. Check New to the Site for links. (Access manually by clicking “NEW” on the black horizontal menu at the top of the page) Here are a few on which I want to make brief comment on or draw attention to:

 (1) 08 July 2011: Bishop’s sentencing hearing delayed for psychiatrist’s testimony

One August court day for Lahey August dropped, and two added in December.  It seems getting schedules squared away to get Dr. Bradford on the stand for cross-examination have proven problematic.  Was Dr. Bradford available when the 05 August date was initially picked?  I would have thought so, but, perhaps it was assumed he would be available?

Whatever happened, Dr. Bradford will not be taking the stand until December.  And the sentencing hearing is thus delayed until December.

That of course means that Bishop Raymond Lahey will remain behind bars until December.

Or, does it?

Since Lahey checked himself into jail, can he check himself out?  Could he, for example, get out on bail? at his next court date: 04 August 2011?

I can’t imagine Lahey is thrilled with the postponement if it means another four months behind bars?  I could be terribly wrong, but I would think he was hoping to be set loose for good in August or very shortly thereafter.  If that’s the case, the last thing in world he wants to do is voluntarily stay behind bars until December.  He may just decide to voluntarily come out, just as he voluntarily went in?

We shall see. 

Regardless, I for one am happy with the delay.  I will be away 04 & 05 August and was really disappointed I would be unable to sit in that courtroom to hear and watch the Bradford cross-examination first hand.  I will, by the grace of God, be around 19 & 20 December.  I won’t miss a thing 🙂 

Well, no, that’s not exactly true:  I will miss the police detective’s evidence on 04 December which I would also dearly love to hear. but I am honestly more interested in catching the Bradford cross-examination.

(2)  I added the comments posted on St. Lucia Star website to 07 July 2011: Archbishop silent on priest’s conviction!

A good post there by Patrick McMahon.  Well said Patrick!

(3) 07 July 2011: Father Corapi response to SOLT press release

And, I couldn’t post it but check this link for today’s video commentary from Father Corapi:

I swear this mess just  goes from bad to worse.  Corapi is digging himself in deeper by the minute. 

And there he is sporting a Harley Davison leather jacket no less!  I’ve said it before and will say it again, this whole things givers me the willies

But, true to form, Corapi has his loyal admirers who are prepared to stick by him through thick and thin and  believe every word he utters.

La La Land stuff again.

(4) 07 July 2011: Catholic church says it’s not to blame over Waterlooville woman’s abuse by priest

I can not believe that only now is ‘the Church’ in the UK trying to avoid legal responsibility for one of its molester priest by claiming that he was not an “employee.  According to this particular article, if successful “the Church’ would not be held legally responsible for sex abuse committed by its priests.

I do believe this was tried  in Canada years and years ago. Perhaps int he late 80s?   My memory is the attempt failed, or was initially successful but was then overturned in a subsequent ruling?  Am I remembering correctly?

No matter, here ‘they’ go again – Church lawyers splitting hairs and dancing on the head of a pin  to weasel their clients out of their legal responsibilities toward victims of clerical sexual abuse.

Have these bishops no shame?  None?


My days have been busy.    I will be busy for the next week or so but will keep on top of any articles of particular interest and will keep an eye on the blogging.  Please everyone fill in for me and carry on 🙂 

Enough for now,


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