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Another busy day yesterday.  My husband had medical appointments.  Once  home I was busy with Sylvia’s Site business,  but not at the keyboard.


Unless things have changed again, Father Lucien Lussier has a court date in Cornwall this morning:  10 am. Courtroom #2.  This is probably still to determine if he is fit to stand trial?

If anyone hears anything about what happens please pass on the word.  And keep the complainants  in your prayers.  This has been dragging on for years.  They must be at their wits’ end


I having been keeping tabs on the St. Lucia Star article on Hod Marshall:  28 June 2011: Children’s Home Priest admits sex offenses!  Note the most recent comment of 06 July:

Vincentp says:

My one burning question is when will Lucian victims of these unpardonable acts come out. Because for years growing up in the Catholic church as a boy I heard these rumors that priest were sexually molesting young boys. I was quite attracted by the idea of becoming an acolite but these same rumours stopped me. There is need for an official enquiry by the government of St Lucia on how wide spread this abuse was, who were the offenders, who were the victims? Are any me the above still living? This should all be paid for by the Vatican and if found guilty the offenders punished. A trust fund should then set up for victims of this abuse and their families again paid for by the Vatican. This acts… 

I hope and pray that any and all victims of clerical sex abuse in St. Lucia and elsewhere will coem forward


I cam across the January-February 1996 edition of Celebrate!, a bi-monthly which now describes itself as “the pastoral magazine with the liturgical heart.” 

 It never ceases to amaze me how different the same information can look a few years downstream.  Included in the table of contents of the referenced edition are the following:

“Eucharist: centre of our lives”: by Barry Glendinning

“Rethinking the Easter Tridium”:  by Ramond J Lahey

Editorial Consultants include:

Most Rev. Raymond J. Lahey

Marilyn J. Sweet

Without doubt I would have looked at this little publication in 1997 and would not have had a clue that Father Barry Glendinning was a convicted child molester.

Nor would I have known that Bishop Raymond Lahey would eventually enter a guilty plea to importing  child pornography.

Nor, for that matter, would I have had an inkling that Marilyn Sweet would eventually become spokesperson for the Archdiocese of Halifax and, in that capacity,  refuse to answer a series of questions regarding the long-term presence and service of convicted molester Father Michael Walsh  in the archdiocese.  (In 1997 Sweet was Coordinator of Liturgy for the Archdiocese of Halifax.  That was actually the very year that Michael  J. Walsh was taken into the Archdiocese of Halifax where he would serve for a full 12 years with scarce a member of the Catholic faithful knowing that he was in fact a convicted child molester.)

Interesting.  Not by any means earth shattering.  Just, …interesting.

Enough for now,


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