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I really do want to get the pages added for each name listed on the Accused page.  I am still picking away.  I’ll draw your attention to three new pages added to the site:

(1)  Father John Harper 

London Diocese, Again.

Note this man was convicted twice:  he did not spend one day behind bars!

Note too that in the late 60s Harper was allegedly moved from Stratford after he was reported for sexually abusing altar boys.  He was sent to Regina Mundi, by then an all boy’s boarding school, in London, Ontario.

In the early to mid 70s Harper was reported again, this time to school officials. The boy was told to leave the school. Harper stayed on.

No action was taken until 1987.

Doe anyone have nay information on who defended this clerical molester so successfully that he didn’t spend a day behind bars?

And, does anyone have any information on the judges?  I would love to see the reasons for judgment on these two cases.  How I wonder did a judge justify probation the second time around?

A final note here.  Harper apparently heard the boys’ confession after he molested them.  Why was he not disbarred?  Instantly?  Who saved his hide on this one?

(2)   Father Marcel Deschamps 

The Defence claimed Deschamps was not a Paedophile and only had attraction to boys when he was under the influence.


Another good friend of the family?!

Note the following from the 05 February 1990 Citizen:

Sunday, most of the 200 parishioners who attended morning masses refused to answer questions about the priest who led their congregation for nine years.

They criticized the media for publicizing the charges and said they support Deschamps. Church officials refused to let a reporter speak to the interim priest, and asked the reporter to leave church grounds.

Some things never change.

And note Deschamps lawyer Jean-Claude Sarrazin minimizing the crime with the audacious claim that all the incidents together would amount for 10 minutes of Deschamps life!!!

Note that in 1992 the Vicar general for the Archdiocese of Hill said that Deschamps had not worked for the diocese since he was convicted.

I know for a fact that in 1997 Deschamps was working for the diocese in an administrative capacity.  Is he still?

(3)  Father Joseph Numbi Phaku Mavambu 

On 23 June 2011 I sent an email to the Boma Diocese asking if there were any charges or accusations against Father Joseph Numbi Phaku Mavambu prior to his departure from the Congo and arrival in Canada.  No response to date.

I am currently wrapping up a page on Father Paul Hughes (Kingston).


In case you missed the blog, more news on convicted clerical molester Father William Hodgson Marshall check this:

I think we will be hearing more of Hod’s days in the late 50s and early 60s in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, specifically his time at St. Paul’s Catholic High School. That is always good news:  good news for those who have suffered in silence for so terribly long.

It sounds as though Hod really and truly did have a one way mirror in his office.  From his office Hod  could look in on the boys’ change room and showers. I talked to someone who saw it with his own eyes.  Whether Hod  inherited the two-way mirror or had it installed himself is unknown, at least at this time and to me.

As elsewhere, Hod taught basketball.

I think that Hod must have been living at St. Thomas More College.  He was definitely teaching at St. Paul’s.  “Former Student” says Hod used stationary with SMC letterhead.  I do believe that it would make imminent sense that he lodged at the Basilian operated St. Thomas More College. If anyone can access an STMC yearbook for the late 50s to early 60s we might be able to sort that out.

And, a question which just now comes to mind.  Was St.  Pauls a Basilian operated school?  I haven’t quite sorted that out.  I had thought it was, but am now not so sure.  By the sound of it there were several Basilians on staff, but I’m not certain the school was operated by the Basilians.  I do know that on staff while Hod was there were Fathers James Mahoney and Blaise Morand.  Neither were Basilians.

Mahoney, who went on to become Bishop of Saskatoon, was a good friend of Bishop Eugene Larocque.  That doesn’t mean a lot of anything, but, for those with an interest in Cornwall, it’s interesting.

Morand, who went on to become Bishop of Prince Albert, was from Tecumseh, Larocque’s home town.  Tecumseh is literally on the outskirts of Windsor, Ontario.

Again, interesting.  Interesting to see paths intersect.


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