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A graduation exercise today. My grand-daughter.  Much excitement.  Much pride. 


Father Levi Noelis now scheduled to ‘to enter a plea’ at 10 am , Tracadie-Cheila court house, Tracadie-Sheila, New Brunswick, 20 July 2011.

I am not quite sure what happened today aside the fact there was an issue regarding a lawyer.  Did he just show up to enter a plea without a lawyer?  Is that it?


And, another change of court dates.  Our disgraced Canadian Bishop, Raymond Lahey, has his Friday appearance rescheduled to 04-05 August 2011.

22 June 2011: Bishop’s child porn sentencing delayed 

How long does it take to have  files moved from A to B?  If that’s what this is all about, it doesn’t make a lot of sense, does it?. 

Is it perhaps that Dr. Bradford has to file a separate report for the Crown?  a report which is apart from the report he previously filed with the court at the request of defence?  It was that report in fact which was the judge’s rationale for refusing the Crown’s request for a pre-sentence report.  The judge felt that the Bradford report or whatever it is filled the bill.

Then the Crown said they wanted to cross-examine Bradford regarding the content of the report.

And here we are.  Is this some sort of technical kerfuffle over the report? Or is it defence lawyer Michael Edelson’s way of stalling to find a way to circumvent what may prove to be some embarrassing court room revelations regarding Lahey?  

Anyway, 04 and 05 August it is.  Another month behind bars for Lahey as he awaits his next appearance and eventual sentencing.  By August he will have served three months awaiting sentencing. 


Convicted Oblate molester Father Jack McCann is in hospital awaiting by-pass surgery.  At time such as this I somewhat reluctantly recall that if I should pray for my enemies I should also pray for Jack McCann.  I shall. I admit it`s not easy, but I will. In so doing I will also pray for his victims.


Father John Corapi  has decided NOT to release the audio tapes.  A little common sense prevails in this convoluted saga.


Word that an American priest who has been dictating how we should worship has been removed from ministry.

Prominent Jesuit priest and liturgist Father James Glenn Murray was removed from ministry  after an investigator found evidence that he  had molested a boy in the 80s.

21 June 2011: Jesuits remove popular priest over alleged abuse

And word of a documentary put out by BBC One which exposes sex abuse at schools run by the Rosminian priests in England and Africa

22 June 2011: Abused: Breaking the Silence, BBC One, review

On and on and on it goes

Enough for now,



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