If trends continue

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Two court dates today:

(1)  Father Lucien Lussier:  ‘fitness trial.’  Cornwall court house, Cornwall, Ontario.  I don’t have the start time, but it is probably 09:30 am or 10:00 am.

This hearing will be to determine Lussier’s fitness to stand trial. Lussier was first charged in September 2007.  I hope I am mistaken, but I don’t think this bodes well for any hope of seeing this finally go to trial and justice done. Keep the complainants in your prayers.  This has been dragging on for nearly four long years!

(2) Father Jean-Claude Lefebvre: trial confirmation hearing. 10 am.  Court room “B.” Elm St. court house, Sudbury, Ontario.

Again, keep the complainants in you prayers.

Anyone with any news re the outcome of either of the above please blog or send me an email at cornwall@theinquiry.ca


Any news on the outcome of ex priest Albert Leblanc‘s court date yesterday in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia?


The 08-09 June 2011 court proceedings for Father William Hodgson Marshallcsb will be held in the Superior Court Building at 145 Windsor Ave., Windsor, across from the Windsor Police station.  Start time 10 am.  The number of the court room will not be known until 08 June, but that is easy to find out on arrival at the building.


A bit of catch up on the mess in the Kansas City Diocese re Bishop Robert Finn’s acts of omission and/or comission regarding Father Shawn Ratigan and kiddie porn:

29 & 27 May 2011: “Bishop again says he regrets response to priest in child porn case” & “Bishop: I didn’t read letter warning of priest’s behavior”

2010: The full text of the Principal of Kansas City’s St. Patrick School, Julie Hess, to the Kansas City diocese re Father Shawn Ratigan]

It gets a tad tiring, does it not?


On the heels of news that the Diocese of Antigonish, Nova Scotia has had  convicted child molester Father Errol MacDonald ministering to the flock at Holy Redeemer in Sydney for the past  several years this:

30 May 2011: Catholics facing Antigonish priest shortage

As I asked in my comment: Why is there such a dearth of vocations to the priesthood?  That is quite an abysmal projection:  if trends continue there will be about 30 priests for the entire Diocese of Antigonish in 2021?!

Has anyone sorted out if trends continue how many Catholics will be sitting in the pews in 2021?  That’s if trends continue….


I’ve had things on the home front which have occupied my time and mind for the past little while. In times such as this I don’t manage to spend the time at the computer which I normally do – it becomes a case of prioritizing and doing first what I feel is essential  and then whatever else I can.  I do always, however, keep an eye on things and check frequently throughout the day.

Bear with me.  And please fill in where I can not – support and help each other out through the blog.

Enough for now


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