Whiff of a stench?

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A good hockey game yesterday, and one beautiful day.  We’ve had rain, rain, rain for days – yeaterday was a welcome taste of summer.


A reminder to keep sending links to articles of interest.  I could never search them all out and greatly appreciate the help.  As I have said in the past, if it’s an article which I already have, that’s fine – no harm done.  If it’s new to me and I think it should be posted, that’s great.  So, keep sending the links 🙂

A few comments on some of the articles sent my way which were posted yesterday:

(1) 20 May 2011: Statement by Bishop Robert W. Finn about the arrest of the Rev. Shawn Ratigan

21 May 2011: Bishop regrets how diocese dealt with porn case involving priest

Why did the police officer not ask to see the picture?  Why did he not suggest the whole computer hard drive be brought down to the police station?

Who is the lawyer for the diocese?

Why did the family destroy the computer?

Is it just me, or does this have a teeny-weeny a whiff of  a stench?

(2) 20 May 2011: Paedophile priest expelled from Catholic Church found living yards from children’s play area

Yes indeed.  Whose watching?  Who cares?

What family with children wants a convicted child molester living across the street? or two houses down the street?, or in the apartment upstairs?

What’s the answer?  I have my thoughts but it’s too late to elaborate, plus, I am looking for input. What do you think?

(3) 21 May 2011: Victims dismiss Vatican bid to curb abuse as empty

21 May 2011: ‘Dutch priest member of pedophile club’

First, good for the victims who protested the Circular Letter to the bishops.  Good for them!

Next, look at this.  A Salesian priest In the Netherlands served on the board of a pro-paedophilia group which campaigns to end the Dutch ban of “adult-child sex.”

And his superior knew!  And did nothing.

But then, a reminder here of another Salesian on the list of Accused.

 Father Titian Miani, was transferred from school A to school B to school C …despite knowledge of his superiors that he is a child molester.

The Miani case goes right back to the late 40s and Italy.   Miani was caught in Italy BEFORE his ordination – and he was shipped off to work in a boy’s home (St. Mary’s) in Edmonton!!  He molested at the boys home in Edmonton.  And still he was ordained!

The following is an excerpt from a 2008 article posted on the Miani page:

Miani’s personnel file, portions of which were disclosed in Superior Court, shows he was accused of assaulting a young boy on a church retreat in Italy in 1947. Miani was later transferred to a Salesian Society boys home in Edmonton, Canada, where at least three students alleged he was a sexual molester.

Miani was then transferred to two four-year stints at St. John Bosco High School near Bellflower, the second as vice principal. It was at the high school where he allegedly molested the three siblings — a boy and his sisters. Miani, now 80, last served as a parish priest near Stockton and has denied any wrongdoing in pretrial statements.

Why in truth should it be any surprise that a Dutch Salesian advocates ‘intergenerational’ sex? And why should it be any surprise that his superior knew and did nothing?

(4) 15 March 2011: Catholic priest, former Crespi High employee, arrested on sex abuse allegations in Florida

Nothing seems to change.  This priest, Father William Wert,  was arrested in 2007.  He was convicted.  That was in Washington.

At some point Wert was recycled to Florida.   He is now facing 11 charges related to the sex abuse of a 14-year-old boy.  The abuse with the boy began September 2010.

Who decided that Wert’s rights should trump those of that child?  Why?

(5) 19-21 May 011: “Priest Sex-Abuse Case Hits Church of Pope’s Adviser” & other similar articles

20 May 2011: Italy: Ex-trainee priest arrested in clerical abuse probe

This one just keeps getting worse by the day.  Now we learn that Seppia is HIV positive.

How many boys has this HIV positive priest both  molested and infected?  How many?

(6) 21 May 2011: Vatican gives bishops one year to set abuse policies

20 May 2011: Bypass the bishops

These two go together.  I agree with the editorial in the Calgary Herald.  Bypass the bishop and go directly to police.

(7) 20 May 2011: Priest Prohibited Signs Enflame Austrian Passions

Though provoking and very innovative.

(8) 20 May 2011: Letter to Editor re Bishop Reynald Roleau omi

“There is nothing more important than the safety of our children.”

Amen to that, Michel and Lieve.  Amen.

(9) 18 May 2011: Embattled priest says he’ll be back in September

Has anyone heard anything about the audit?

Enough for now,


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