What happened?

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I missed what was supposed to be day one of Father James Jordan’s preliminary hearing on possession of child porn.  It looks as though I would have been nothing short of frustrated had I been there.  Look at this:

11 May 2011: Child-pornography charge won’t proceed against priest visiting Ottawa from Kenya

 I don’t quite know what to make of this.  Surely police didn’t lay a charge based solely on someone turning in a memory stick filled with child porn claims this was on Jordan’s computer?  I can not for the life of me believe that could happen.  And, if it did happen, I have trouble believing the Crown didn’t nip it in the bud instantly.

So, what happened here?  Aside the fact Justice Maissoneuve declared the charge “a nullity”  what happened that this ended up in such a mess?

Does anyone have any further info?  Was Father Jordan improperly charged?  Did someone make a mess of the charge?  Should Father Jordan never have been charged in the first place?

And, who’s responsible?  Whatever the problem is/was, who -if anyone – will be held accountable?


Interesting news from the Vatican:

Vatican to issue letter on abuse guidelines Monday

Associated Press

11 May 2011

VATICAN CITY (AP) — The Vatican is issuing a new document for bishops on how to deal with cases of sexual abuse of children by priests.

The Vatican says the letter due Monday from the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith is designed to help bishops conferences around the world prepare their own guidelines for dealing with abuse cases.

The head of the Vatican office, Cardinal William Levada, said in November the Vatican would recommend bishops establish prevention programs, better screen priests and obey civil reporting requirements.

I will wait to see what the document has to say before commenting further.


As is often the case with funerals, I saw old friends today I haven’t seen in years and had time with others whom I see all too infrequently.  Strange as it sounds, a beautiful day.

Enough for now,


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3 Responses to What happened?

  1. John says:

    A lot of whys!!!

    I am left with many whys? when I start digging a little deeper in some subjects re: Ontario Justice Lise Maisonneuve.

    Why? was Bishop Lahey’s case moved from courtroom #10 (Justice Maisonneuve) to courtroom #12 (retired Justice Kirkland) on May 6th?

    Why? is the legal world that small, when it is so hard to find “a damn good lawyer”? When upon a little research you can find names like…..Dominic Lamb, Ian Stauffer, James Foord, David Scott, Justice Lise Maisonneuve and Crown Kevin Phillips sitting on various committees of the CCLA (County of Carleton Law Association).

    Why? When it seems that Justice Maisonneuve is following the letter of the law when it comes to Father James Jordan and the nullification of his charges, is she so berated on various blog sites for her mishandling of a long list of other cases?

    Just wondering………?????????

    John Mac Donald

    • 1 abandoned sheep says:

      John, thanks for your questioning this also. Possibly part of the answer came out today
      Today it was announced that Justice Louise Charron of the Supreme Court will be retiring later this year. She was often referred to as a French-speaking Judge from Ontario.
      Judge Maisonneuve is a French-speaking Judge, and would be available for appointment to a higher Court.
      There was not much publicity value in the Lahey case since they already knew he would plead guilty.
      However, the opportunity to make several points on matters of Law presented itself in the James Jordan case, and make points is what Maisonneuve did. Especially in dismissing the case by calling it a Nullity.
      Your instincts are right on . Something smells .
      1 abandoned sheep

  2. Donna says:

    Some of Fr. Jim’s former parishioners have been following this case from a distance. From what we know from others who are close to the case, it’s pretty much as the Ottawa Citizen reported it. Someone gave the police a memory stick with one child porn image on it, which was traced to a computer in the house where Fr. Jim was working in Kenya. Since several people had access to this computer, it isn’t known who downloaded the image. It also isn’t known how it happened to land on this person’s memory stick.

    So why, in the first place, did the police lay charges against Fr. Jim based on hardly any evidence? And why was the Crown so negligent in following it up? The fact that there was even one image of child porn on a computer in a religious house is extremely troubling. But so far, some of the important facts of this matter are not known. Maybe they’ll eventually be uncovered. In the meantime, those of us who knew and admired Fr. Jim hope that, if he has been innocent of wrongdoing, his name will be cleared and his good reputation restored.

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