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I have added a number of files to the Father John McCann omi page:

picture from December 2010 prolife Mass at Our Lady of Mount Carmel added to Father John McCann page

11 December 2011: Screenshot of Father Jack McCann omi on YouTube: Prolife mass at Our Lady of Mount Carmel 11 December 2010 – Father McCann to left

Schedule for Ottawa pro-life mass: 11 Dec 2010 at Our Lady of Mount Carmel with celebrants Archbishop Prendergast sj and Fathers Jack McCann omi and Joe Kane omi (the pdf file clipped to the right in conversion, but I believe enough text can be seen to recognize the names) (Accused/McCann: Father John McCann)

(Fathers Joe Kane and John McCann were ordained on the same day as Oblates.  It is absolutely impossible that at least Father Kane did not know that McCann is a convicted child molester. )

Indirizzi personali di posta elettronica (Father Jack McCann listed with istar email address and Saint Paul U email address)

St George Catholic School school history (Ottawa) – Jack McCann omi listed as one of many of its students who have gone on “to play roles of prominence in society)

Parish profiles Archdiocese of Vancouver, B.C.: Father John McCann omi at St Peter’s, New Westminister, B.C. 1974-1981, and Father Jim Jordan omi 1996-2005

Newsletter SRCP bulletin Fall 2008 with expression of appreciation to Rev. Jack McCann omi “for launching us onto the air waves.”

02 February 1992 and 25 August 1992: McCann arrested, and charges reduced to five after preliminary hearing

I will be adding more later.  Right now, have to run

Enough for now,


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