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It may not look it, but I was very busy with the site today.  I think I am once again caught up on emails, and I have finally managed to make a few phone calls which have been pending for some time.  I will carry on tomorrow. 

I did add  Father Gerald Wallace’s name to the Accused list.  I had been working on that page last week and had it nearly ready to post for several days.  Today it was accomplished.

Tomorrow I will add another new name: Father Alphonse Robitaille omi.


What I meant to pass on and did not is that Father John McCann is from Alexandria, Ontario, part of the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall. [this may have been inaccurate information.  Does anyone know?]

Also, I am also trying to find anyone who knew Father McCann while he was assisting at St. Brigid’s Church in Ottawa.  Would you please email me at cornwall@theinquiry.ca.


A reminder that Father James Jordan’s preliminary hearing for posession of child porn is scheduled for Wednesday 11 May 2011 at the Ottawa courthouse (10 am. Courtroom #25).

And, with that ever so brief blog I am calling it a day 🙂

Enough for now,


I will be adding another priest to the Accused list tomorrow:  Father Alphone Robitaille omi.

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  1. Sylvia says:

    I had been told that Father McCann was from Alexandria, This morning I was informed that information may be incorrect. I scored through part of the blog and inserted a note. I also asked if anyone could confirm.

    I have since been advised that Father McCann is an Ottawa native. He was raised in Ottawa. I also have an email link which shows that he attended St. George Catholic School .

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