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To all Mothers:  Happy Mothers Day!   


I was going to say a bit more on the insulting debacle at Our Lady of Mount Carmel yesterday.  The evening passed by and this is truly last minute.

 I am still floored beyond belief that the Archbishop and parish priest have shown such total disregard for the faith and dismay of Mount Carmel parishioners that (a) a first Saturday Mass was whittled down to a communion service, (b) the explanation of why Father McCann has been assisting at Mount Carmel was to written by Father Liang and read by a deacon; (c) Father Liang apparently had a prior long-standing commitment which took precedence over speaking to his troubled flock and offering Mass on Saturday morning, (d) the explanation which supposed to be given /read was non existent, and, (d) effective immediately, all Saturday morning Masses have been cancelled .

Who dreamed up this approach to do damage control?  Obviously it wasn’t whoever decided that Father Joseph Muldoon , the Episciopal Vicar, should go over to Blessed Sacrament to handle the problem of their  gambling priest.

But, I suppose, different stokes for different folks?  Or, is it perhaps a preferential option for one parish over another? 

On another note, after all the reports that diocesan officials or spokespersons said Father McCann had been removed, look what’s in this week’s Sunday bulletin:

Father Jack McCann has withdrawn himself from pastoral ministry for personal reasons effective immediately.

Is that true?  That’s my only question there.  Is that true?

If the above is true, then what diocesan officials have allegedly said is false.  And, of course, vice-versa. So, which is it?  Was Father McCann withdrawn? or, did Father McCann withdraw?  There is a difference.

One final thing.  I posted the email exchange with Ottawa’s Vicar General Msgr. Kevin Beach re Fathers Ed MacNeil omi and John Huels and Msgr. John Renken.  Father McCann is an Oblate.  Look at the tap dancing regarding who’s in charge when it comes to dealing with problematic Oblate priests in the archdiocese. 

That’s it.  I’m calling it a day.

Enough for now,


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