Verdict due

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The judge is to render his verdict on the Father Charles Picottrial tomorrow:  Campbellton New Brunswick courthouse, 157 Water St. (City Centre) 2nd floor. 

Let’s pray that justice is done. 

Derek, my thoughts and prayers, and I know those of many others,  are with you.

As always, anyone who can do so, please post a comment and/or link on the outcome.


Apologies, but I was just too tired last evening to finish my observations on the Bishop Raymond Lahey guilty plea of yesterday 🙁  I have a prior commitment today but should be able to get the blog posted later before I head out for the day.


Any word from Sudbury re Father William Hodgson csb’s court date of yesterday?  If I hear nothing I will find out tomorrow (one day after a court date is generally too soon for the files and info to be back in the court offices)

Enough for now,


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