Do we have a problem, or do we have a problem?

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Well, what a day!

A guilty verdict for Father Charles Picot

05 May 2011: Former N.B. priest found guilty of sex assault

Such a relief for you Derek I am sure. 

And now the wait for sentencing. 

I must get the date posted on the Legal Calendar.  Will do so as soon as I close off here.

And, another recycled priest caught In Ottawa. 

05 May 2011: Father Jack McCann who works at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church in Ottawa’s east end was convicted of sexually abusing two young girls in B.C.

And diocesan officials caught out. they claiming on one hand that Father John McCann omi was sort of under supervision saying Masses, and the pastor at Our Lady of Mount Carmel saying otherwise. 

I know for a fact he was saying Masses on his own.

All this in Archbishop Prenergast’s backyard.   Last November it was Father Ed MacNeil omi who was caught. 

This month it’s Father John McCann omi.

Two Oblate priests.  Both convicted child molesters.  Both saying masses and hearing confessions.  In both instances the Catholic faithful did not have a clue.  In the case of Father McCann, even the parish priest wasn’t told!

I am trying to find out who the diocesan spokesperson was who said that McCann is not in active ministry and can’t say Mass without the supervision of other priests or bishops.

No one it seems saw fit to let let Father Stephen Liang know that McCann is a convicted molester.  He was rightly horrified.

And, of course there wouldn’t be a soul at Mount Carmel who had a inkling.

How many more are there?  How many more recycled molesters are serving in the Archdiocese of Ottawa, with or without supervision?

And Archbishop Prendergast was hand-picked to tootle around Ireland helping the Irish sort out their problems?!!!!

Too much. 

And, my goodness, in addition to these two we know that there are two more problematic  clergy teaching canon law at St. Paul University. 

Father John Huels,a known molester, is ensconced at St. Paul’s.  Teaching Canon Law no less!

Ditto Monsignor John Renken. Renken was run out of Springfield Illinois after it was learned he had been involved in a  long-term homosexual relationship with another priest.  St. Paul’s gave him a job teaching canon law.

Archbishop Prendergast knows about Huels and Renken.  According to Monsignor Kevin Beach, because the pair are serving in a Oblate facility they are beyond the jurisdiction of the bishop!!!!! 

I will post my email exchanges with Beach on this tomorrow.  I was going to do that ages ago.  I absolutely will get that done tomorrow.  When I do, you will see that, according to Monsignor Beach, no diocesan action will be taken regarding the presence of Huels and Renken at St. Paul’s.   Nor will they intervene with the Oblates to see that this scandalous situation is resolved.

Which reminds me.  A new commentary on the Code of Canon Law has been published.  I saw it in the bookstore at St. Paul’s.  It’s one massive tome.  I flicked through the index:  Renken and Huels made more than their fair share of contributions.

Do we have a problem or do we have a problem?


I will check tomorrow to find out what happened at Father William Hodgson Marshall’s Sudbury court date on 03 May 2011. As soon as I find out I will post a note.

Enough for now


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