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A Sudbury court date tomorrow (04 May 2011) for Father William Hodgson Marshall:  10 am, Courtroom “E,” Elm St. Courthouse, Sudbury, Ontario.  This should be more dotting “i”s and crossing “t”s to transfer the Sudbury charges to Windsor.  If anyone hears anything please pass on the word.


A day many have been waiting for…

Tomorrow is day one of Bishop Raymond Lahey‘s possession of child porn trial…

10 am. Court room #12. Ottawa court house.

The court room is booked for three days.  It seems to me that’s a rather short trial, particularly so when the defendant is a Roman Catholic Bishop charged with possession of child porn.

Anyway, I am free to get to the court house tomorrow so I will definitely be there!  That means that other things I had hoped to get done will get put on hold, but, I really do want to get down there to see in person what transpires in that court room. 

Lahey’s lawyer  is high profile Ottawa lawyer Michael Edelson.  In the past Edelson has represented Cornwall’s Justice of the Peace Keith Jodoin, and Cornwall’s lawyer/canon lawyer Jacques Leduc, and former NHL agent David Frost and, more recently, former military Colonel Russell Williams.  The latter, who raped and murdered two women, conducted pantie raids all over his neighbourhood, dressed and photographed himself in women’s and little girls undies, was also into child pornography but managed to elude charges on the child porn offences.

There are questions as to who is picking up the legal tab for Lahey’s defence.  Word is that Mr. Edelson does not come cheap!

Enough for now



I will be home early evening.  After I get some supper on the table I will blog my observations.

Enough for now


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  1. Notcheapatall says:

    Raymond Lahey, like Russell Williams, pleaded guilty. Will he have a sentencing hearing like Russell Williams, in which evidence is presented that could reduce his chances of parole? Age should not be an excuse that expedites his release from jail. It’s clear that age did not prevent him from doing what he did. I hope he does not come up with some sort of “I only started this four years ago” excuse.

    It is too bad that like Russell Williams, we will never know the true extent of Lahey’s activities. Like Russell Williams, perhaps he will lose his official title. He doesn’t deserve it.

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