Hard on the victims

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Father Eric Dejaeger’s next court date is 06 June 2011: 1:30 pm, Iqaluit court house “for defence election.”

The number of charges against Dejaeger still stands at 28.

I am unsure what “defence election” is, but think it MAY be Dejaeger’s choice of trial by judge or trial by judge and jury.  There is a bit of info on “crown election” and what I believe is defence election here

If anyone can shed further light on this please do so with a blog. 

I am sure this is hard on the victims.  It always is.  They believe that once charges are laid the trial follows in a flash.  Unfortunately, as we all eventually learn, that is not the case.  There is, what I now call the revolving door in and out of the court house – seems it takes a multitude of court dates to finally reach the point of setting a prelim, or a trial date ,or plea date.  It takes forever.  I hope and pray someone in Igloolik is taking the time, or will  take the time to explain what is happening to those who ar. 

Enough for now


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