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If trends continue

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Two court dates today: (1)  Father Lucien Lussier:  ‘fitness trial.’  Cornwall court house, Cornwall, Ontario.  I don’t have the start time, but it is probably 09:30 am or 10:00 am. This hearing will be to determine Lussier’s fitness to stand … Continue reading

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Bad news

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A court date for ex priest Albert Leblanc in the Yarmouth, Nova Scotia courthouse today.  I don’t have the actual time. I was told that today is for “pleas to be entered.”  Please keep the complainants in your prayers, and please blog or send … Continue reading

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Legal wrangling

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It’s takne a while but I finally have the page for Bishop Hubert O’Connor omi together.  I think there is enough reading there to keep those with a keen interst in legal wrangling and shenanigans busy over the weekend.  After … Continue reading

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I am sick!

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I THOUGHT I posted this early early this morning.  I just discovered that it went into the draft bin.  That’s s first for me.  I guess I hit the wrong button.  Anyway, here it is now ________________________________________________________ I posted a page … Continue reading

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I did an interview this morning with the Aboriginal People’s Television News (APTN).  Subject Matter:  Father Eric Dejaeger omi.  I understand that if editing and so on go as planned it should air at 6 pm ET. Sylvia

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Weekend flew

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I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend.  For those who headed out to open up cottages for the summer months the weather in most areas in Ontario was beautiful.  I posted a few articles today.  Check New to the Site on … Continue reading

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Whiff of a stench?

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A good hockey game yesterday, and one beautiful day.  We’ve had rain, rain, rain for days – yeaterday was a welcome taste of summer. ***** A reminder to keep sending links to articles of interest.  I could never search them … Continue reading

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Comment later

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I have posted a number of articles.  Check New to the Site.  I am off to a hockey game – will comment later. Enough for now, Sylvia

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Dirty filthy mess

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A very informative article: 19 May 2011: Women link up on the web to bring convicted pedophile priest back to Canada  There are several things which warrant comment.  I will quote from the article then have my say: (1)  “I … Continue reading

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Are we supposed to be thrilled?

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Can you believe it?  A $1.8M study blames free love in the 60s for the sex abuse scandal in the Church.  According to media reports the study, commissioned by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, essentially says that ‘everybody … Continue reading

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