Convicted clerical molesters update

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Update on new info on two convicted clercial molesters

(1) I received an email expressing concern that Father Patrick O’Neill, Archdiocese of Edmonton, Alberta, is currently living at Villa Vianney in Edmonton Alberta,  The Villa is apparently located at the Edmonton Pastoral Center and is between an on-site daycare (Primrose Place) and St. Kevin’s school.

In 1998 O’Neill was sentenced to two years in jail for the sex abuse of three boys. 

O’Neill’s name is on the Accused list.  I have not as yet put together a full page of info him – will do so when I get home.

The question for now is why is a convicted clerical molester living in such close proximity to children? 

(2) There are reports that convicted Oblate molester Father John McCann omi has been assisting at Masses in the Archdiocese of Ottawa, Ontario, and, in fact, as recently as last June concelebrated with Archbsihop Terrence Prendergast sj.

Does anyone have any further information re McCann and how frequently he has been assisting at or offering Masses, and or hearing confessions since his conviction?


I will be back home on Monday.  Between now and then I am keeping an eye on Sylvia’s Site – can’t do much more, both because my days are full  and I don’t have access to my books and files. 

Also I must let those who have emailed me know that I can receive emails from the cornwall@theinquiry.caaccount, but not from my personal email.  Also there is some strange issue with my sending emails – some just don’t get sent.  I’m sure this is all related to wireless computer settings which need tweaking – given that I am no computer nerd and that  it is only a matter of a days until I am back home I won’t even try to sort it out!  So, for now I can be reached at  I will receive you email but I may not be able to reply until I get home.

Enough for now,


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