Where is that coming from?

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Today was the last day of the Easter holiday.  My husband was home so I didn’t spend too much time on the computer, but I did get a few articles posted and addressed a few emails.   I will be heading off for a few days on Thursday so am now also getting myself ready to go.  Just busy days!

One comment re the latest news on Father Joe LeClair

25 April 2011: Father LeClair leaving Glebe parish

I truly am surprised to read that Father LeClair is considering leaving the priesthood.  He has admitted a gambling problem.  Unless it is something he prefers not to correct, that I do not think constitutes grounds to leave the priesthood.  It would indeed be a problem if he persisted, but if he gets it under control, fair enough.

He has denied dipping into parish funds, therefore, if we take him at his word, there are apparently no concerns regarding parish funds. 

Why the talk of leaving the priesthood?  Where is that coming from?

Enough for now


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