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A court date today for former Barnabite turned diocesan priest Father James Boudreau:  Guelph court house, Ontario.  Sorry, I don’t have the time.

As always, if anyone knows the outcome or sees coverage of the same please bring us up to date by posting a comment, or send me an email at


I am slowly adding links to pages with further information for each of those named on the Accused page.   That has been a personal goal since I started the data base nearly a year ago.  In most cases I have files – it’s now a case of pulling the files together and then sorting out time lines via the directories and online searches.  I am finding to my great surprise that it takes at least one day to round up and put together the information for each page.  Frequently it takes longer.  So, while things are relatively quiet I am taking the opportunity to add links to the Accused page.   Slowly but surely it is getting done.  If you have any information to offer, be it personal knowledge or newpaper clippings which can be scanned or mailed, please contact me at

Yesterday a page was added for Father John Eason,  and further info was added to the Monsignor James Conrad page. 

Some days ago I have received background key information on ex Marianist priest turned Cornwall Canada Manpoer employee Richard Hickerson .  I will add it today.  

Keep an eye on New to the Site.  When a page is added, or further information is added to a page, I will always make note that New to the Site (access manually via “NEW” on the horizontal menu above.

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