Has anything changed?

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I was tied up over the weekend.  Also wrestling with my thoughts and frustrations.  Back to work now 🙂  I think for the next few days I will work at getting a lot of material which I still have on file posted.   I really do want to get that information up.  So, keep an eye on New to the Site (click on “New” on the horizontal menu above.).  I will make note there of new pages which have been added and where of where all new articles have been posted.


Last week I posted a page with further information on Father Robert Morrissey.    

Father Morrissey is  the former Brother Frederick, a Christian Brother who, from 1960-1961, taught and supervised young boys at the St. John’s training school in Uxbridge, Ontario.  As we now know, Brother Frederick was also molesting young boys at St. John’s.

Note that AFTER the trial and conviction London’s Bishop Sherlock was proclaiming Morrissey’s innocence! ( “I’ve spent hours and hours and hours with him (Morrissey), and I believe him,”)

I also posted 11 February 1993: R. v. Morrissey: Between Her Majesty the Queen, and Robert Morrissey, Accused 

A few excerpts and comments (in italics):

 -“No violence was offered to P.”

“No violence”?  Attempted buggery?  No violence? 

– “He seems to have lived an exemplary life following his ordination as a priest in 1971”

The operative word is “seems.” 

– “He left the Christian Brotherhood in 1962 after he was refused his vows in April of that year with the notation concerning him, “‘devoted to class work and religious obligations, evidence of emotional immaturity and of indiscretion, pleasant character.'”

What is mean by “evidence of emotional immaturity”?  Is this perhaps the precursor to the familiar rationale that clerical molesters suffer from  “psychosexual immaturity”?  

Why refuse vows to a 20-year-old citing “evidence of emotional immaturity”?  Is it possible that Morrissey’s superiors knew what he was up to?  I think it is. 

– “He again left the Christian Brothers in 1969, entered St. Peter’s Seminary in that year, and was ordained as a Roman Catholic priest in 1971.”

Bishop Emmett Carter must have agreed that Morrissey could become incardinated in and serve in the Diocese of London Ontario. 

(I can’t help but wonder why Bishop Sherlock sent Morrissey off to Dysart, Alberta?  Was there a surplus of priests in the London Diocese?   Did Edmonton’s Bishop Joseph McNeil ask for Morrissey? Why?) 

 – “At the sentence hearing, counsel for the accused presented two volumes containing copies of letters, about 250 in total, in support of the accused.”

I ask again, what is wrong with people’s heads?  I don’t understand.  

– “I have no doubt that the accused has done an outstanding job as a priest”

What, according to Justice Kerr, constitutes  a man doing an outstanding job as a priest? 

–   “the sentence should be such that it carries with it a denunciation of the crime and the abhorrence by society of child sexual abuse.”

 –  the sentence must reflect the gravity of the conduct which forms the subject of the offence or offences, and the revulsion and abhorrence of society to such conduct.

An 18 month sentence?!!!! 

18 months reflects “the abhorrence by society of child sexual abuse”?  I think not. 

18 months reflects the “gravity” of child sex abuse?  I think not. 

18 months reflects “the revulsion of society” to child sex abuse?  I think not. 

250 letters of support.  From Roman Catholics!

An 18 month sentence to reflect the “gravity” of child sex abuse..From a  judge

A bishop refusing to accept the guilty verdict on one of his priests.

Dear Lord above help us. 

That was 1992.   Has anything changed?

Enough for now


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