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Another Windsor, Ontario court date today for Father William Hodgson Marshall csb:  10 am, courtroom #10, Windsor courthouse.  Given the Sudbury court date of 20 April I can’t see that too much will happen in Windsor today, but, who knows?  Please, anyone who attends or hears anything of the proceedings, pass on the word.


Any word on what happened in Picton yesterday  re Donald Greco’s breach charge yesterday?


O.K.  Some more information on Father Antoine Tetu, the “close collaborator,” as well as more info on Monsignor Fernand Crouteau, another convicted molester from the Diocese of St. Paul who was graciously recycled by Bishop Roy as though nothing had ever happened, and who, as recently as last August (2010) was concelebrating Mass and distributing Holy Communion at St. Paul Cathedral. 

  • In 1994 Bishop Roy assigned Father Tetu to be the confessor of and spiritual director to Mother Theresa’s Missionaries of Charity St. Paul Alberta.  That came to an end only after Mother Theresa herself threatened to withdraw her nuns from the Diocese of St. Paul Alberta, and that after Father Tetu harassed them during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass trying to force them to stand through the consecration.
  • As noted on yesterday’s blog, in or about 1996 Tetu and the Bishop were involved in a Ponzi-type scam. 

 12 March 1997: “Telephone chat line scam heats up St. Paul” & “Nothing sells like sex: A pay-telephone promotion collapses in ruin, taking with it a Catholic bequest”

According to an online source, Bishop Roy lost $1.1M.  Investing in a  sex chat line scam!!!!

  • In addition to serving as spiritual director to and saying Masses for the Missionaries of Charity in St. Paul, Tetu served as Bishop Roy’s driver.  Until the bishop’s death Tetu apparently chauffeured him everywhere. Before Roy’s death Tetu was a frequent visitor, often visiting twice a day. 
  • Tetu’s faculties to say Mass and hear confessions were presumably quietly  removed in 1997 by Bishop Collins, and this only after members of the laity complained to Rome that Fathers Tetu and  Fernand Croteau were actively engaged in ministry – saying Masses and hearing confessions and so on.
  • Tetu was the executor of Roy’s estate.
  • In 2002 and 2003 Tetu was actively involved in the production of a fledgling diocesan paper started under the watch of Bishop Luc Bouchard.  The paper is now defunct.
  • After Bishop Bouchard’s stroke in 2010, Tetu has again been seen driving the bishop of St. Paul about, this time the bishop being Luc Bouchard.

That’s Tetu.

Then there’s Monsignor Fernand Crouteau.

In 1991 Croteau entered a guilty plea.  He was sentenced to 15 months custody in a sex offender program.

What did Bishop Roy do with Croteau?

  • Croteau served as spiritual director to the Missionaries of Charity for about a year until Tetu was out of jail and available to take over.
  • Roy put Monsignor Croteau at the John Paul II Bible School in Radway Alberta.  As chaplain!  Croteau offered Mass daily, heard the students’ confessions, lived in residence, provided spiritual direction to the students and conducted a ‘healing’ ministry!
  • As I said above, after complaints to Rome about Tetu and Croteau allegedly word came down that the pair were to be removed from active ministry.  I am told that their faculties were revoked, and have not been reinstated to this day.

Croteau’s days at the bible school were thankfully over.  But, faculties or no, he carried right on saying “generational” healing Masses, conducting “exorcisms”  and hearing confessions.

As recently as 26 August 2010 Croteau was an active participant in the sanctuary at St. Paul Cathedral at a Mass honouring the centenary of Mother Theresa’s birth. Croteau concelebrated with four other priests and then distributed Holy Communion while the other priests remained seated in the sanctuary.


Yesterday I posted a series of articles re news that murder and rapist Colonel Russell Williams had a collection of child porn on his computer.

29 March 2011: Articles re convicted murderer and former colonel Russell Williams and child porn 

Jean Guy Theriault blogged that he watched a CTV news report on the matter the previous evening,  and he raised the question of Russell’s apparent show of conscience and the lack thereof with Church leaders.

Jean Guy said he couldn’t compute this in his mind.

Well, Jean-Guy, I understand where you were trying to go with it and agree.  However, you got me thinking.  I had this  running through my mind all day yesterday, but, for a rather different reason. 

I truly can’t make sense out of Williams having a conscience over his possession of child porn and not over everything else.  I truly can’t.  It doesn’t make any sense to me at all.

Timothy Appleby, the author of the book which broke the child porn news, says there was a “good” side to Williams which “was really really quite genuine.”  According to the author, Williams cared about his wife, the military and his cats.

To be very honest, the same could be said for countless molesters.  I’ve sat in court and listened to nuns and teachers extol the virtues and goodness and kindness of a priest whose so –called acts of kindness and caring were liberally  interspersed with his self-indulgent sex abuse/destruction of the lives and souls of innocent children. 

For that matter, there are countless Catholics who go to bat defending suspect or convicted molesters because, well, because ‘Father such and such” and Father so and so” are just such nice guys and do so much good and they really care about the poor and down-trodden and so on.  And, it always looks genuine.  They truly are wolves in sheep’s clothing who cunningly deceive the masses.

Anyway, I won’t take you to the thousands of places my mind went as I tried to make sense of man who savagely raped and murdered young women, conducted panty raids throughout his neighbourhood, rifled through young girls bedrooms and undies, photographed himself attired in young girls’ bras and panties and on and on, collected child porn on his computer, – and was willing to plead guilty all the way around to everything, EXCEPT  possession of child porn because he presumably has a conscience and couldn’t face the stigma attached to child pornography. 

Try as I might I could not make sense of it.  I tried thinking it through from every possible angle.  No luck

I concluded that perhaps I need to read the book?  Perhaps there is someting in the book which will allow me to make some sense of this?

Then I thought of something.

Who was Russell Williams lawyer?  Michael Edelson.

Who is Bishop Raymond Lahey’s lawyer?  Michael Edelson.

Williams was charged February 2010.  Lahey was all over the news then.  The story of the bishop caught with child porn on his computer was everywhere.  Check the coverage: and here  And that is not all of it.  Far from it.

Now what do you suppose the general public would have thought of the whole dirty business of a bishop charged with possession of child porn scandal  if, on top if that bad news, they heard that Russell Williams, who was charged with rape, and murder and who was into all sorts of kinky things– was also into child pornography?

I don’t know.  Think about it.  Is it at all possible that Edelson wanted to keep Williams’ possession of child porn under wraps? For the sake of the Bishop?

That would make sense to me.  In all honesty, right now nothing else does.

On that note I will call it a day…..

Enough for now,


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2 Responses to That would make sense

  1. Jean-Guy Thériault says:

    Thank You Sylvia.
    I have finally read your post and you are probably right about the legal angle. I never thought of Russell as having any kind of conscience but it troubled me to think that those who claimed to be our moral compass all of our lives had even less!!… The monsters can dress up however they wish, they are still monsters.
    Don’t know how you do it day after day…Keep up the good work. It helps to try and make sense of the horror of it all even if the solutions seem so far away.

  2. John says:

    Jean-Guy……You are asking your mind to go where it is incapable of going to TRY to make sense of why THEY do what they do. People with logical and reasonable thinking cannot phathom how and why THEY go to the lengths that THEY do to cover up and protect monsters. You are not part of the “sheeple” crowd, take comfort in that, that you do not and will not accept things at face value. As far as the solutions, I have been trying to wrap my mind around that for years now, problem is, common sense is not to common anymore these days. Please though Jean-Guy, do not ever give up trying to think of what those solutions may be!!!!

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