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Ex priest convicted child molester Don Greccohas a court date tomorrow in Picton, Ontario: 09:30 am. courtroom #1, Picton courthouse.

This is regarding Grecco’s breach of bail. If anyone can make it to find out what’s going on with these charges please do, and please give us an update as soon as possible.


I have added two more pages:

(1)   Father Donald Holmes

 Imagine!   110 letters of support from parishioners! Where are people’s heads?

Note the unrepentant Holme’s statement after the guilty verdict “I accept the judge’s decision. (But) I can’t be silent. I do not agree with the verdict.”

(2)  Father Antoine Tetu

Interesting that Father Tetu, a convicted child molester, was described as “a close collaborator” of Bishop Raymond Roy.

Note Tetu’s plea to the judge after entering his plea of guilty:  “I’ve been forgiving people for 25 years ‑‑ I think it’s my turn to be forgiven.”

Enough for now,


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