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A short while ago I spoke with Barry McLaren, the Chief Federal Prosecutor in Nunavut.  Here are the current  numbers of Father Eric Dejaeger omi charges and complainants.

There are 20 charges.  There are 11 “alleged” victims/complainants .

Here is the breakdown:

Prior to his return to Nunavut Dejaeger faced 6 charges from 4 male complainants. 

After his return to Nunavut Daejaeger was charged with one non-sex-abuse-related charge:  failure to appear.  That related to his failure to appear in 1995. 

Since his return to Nunavut Dejaeger has been charged with 13 additional ‘new’ sex-abuse related offences.  The latter relate to allegations from 7 ‘new’ complainants: 3 female and 4 male. 

To break these ‘new charges down further, on 09 February 2011 the total charges were: 9 sex related charges and one failure to appear.  The known complainants at that time were  5 male and 1 female.

Since 09 February there have been  11 new charges laid against Dejeager from five new complainants (2 male and 3 female.)  These have not been reported by the media.

The total therefore at this date is:

 20 charges (19 sex-related and one failure to appear)

11 “alleged” victims/complainants (7 male and 4 female

I am puzzled.  I just don’t understand why the media hasn’t picked these up?

Anyway, the numbers are confirmed.

Finally, good for all of you who mustered the courage to go to police.  Good for you!  I encourage all who are afraid to be strong.  There is nothing to be afraid of.  Go to the RCMP and tell them your ‘story.’ There is nothing to be afraid of.  If you have received money from “the Church” you are still free to go to the police.  “The Church” can not take the money back if you go to police.  No one can stop you from going to the police.  

My prayers are with you all.

Enough for now,


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3 Responses to Confirmed!

  1. Michel B. says:

    I cannot believe that new charges are in the works, yet I believed all along he had hurt more people than those that subjected him to a conviction in Baker Lake. I believed he was a pedophile then and I still believe this but even more so now. Talking in truth about our abuse makes us stronger and Sylvia is right by telling your story to the RCMP you will become free of fear and make the person answer for his actions. To those who have had the courage to report these crimes, I admire your strenght in surviving all these years in silence and finding the courage to stand for your right to personal safety of your body and your mind. If any of you still fearful of disclosing thats ok. Take courage that your brother and sister are standing for you too and they are like you, survivors. Maybe as this process unfolds you will join the ranks of those people who are standing up for themselves and lend your quiet strenght to the call for justice. you can bring your information to police at any time.

    Continued earnest prayers for all whose rights to physical, intellectual, social, cultural, emotional and sexual independence have been twarted by persons in positions of trust….they do not define who you are! We are children of free will and we can choose the better and leave the bitter.

    I hope some supports are put in place to help all members of the community overcome this tragic scar.

  2. northernfancy says:

    Although the failure -to-appear may seem a far less important charge, I am pleased it remains. I recall a statement attributed to EDJ by an elderly Flemish Oblate superior. The Oblate stated he believed EDJ had been told by a Canadian judge (presumably NWT Judge Ted Richard) to disregard the Canadian charges and return to Belgium. Thereby justifying EDJ’s acts in avoiding these charges for the past 16-17 years. How the Oblate superior rationalized EDJ being on Interpol’s Most Wanted List, I don’t know.

  3. Sylvia says:

    I heard the same thing northernfancy. I trust and indeed hope we will eventually learn if the ‘story’ is true or false.

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