No big deal?

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Yesterday I added a page for convicted Oblate molester Father Leonard Paradis omi.

 Note the judge’s comments:

 ” a great deal of time has passed”  (Eight or nine years?!) 

“I find it difficult to justify a jail term for this kind of fondling incident.”  (He didn’t try.  No big deal.  A priest, “fondling” young boys: no big deal!)

Is it just me?  I personally am horrified at the very thought of a Roman Catholic priest groping and grabbing a young boy.  The judge obviously wasn’t.

No matter, the eight years later Father Leonard Paradis omi was saying Masses at St. Joseph’s RC Church in Ottawa.  His superior at the time, Father Chris Rushton omi , knew.  No problem.

One more thing…

Bishop Peter Sutton, also an Oblate and the bishop referenced in the article who did nothing, is now retired and residing at Springhurst Residence in Ottawa.  Last October Bishop Sutton celebrated 50 years as a priest – there to enjoy the camaraderie at the Springhurst celebration was our disgraced Bishop Raymond Lahey

And,  while speaking of Father Rushton omi and Bishop Lahey in almost the same breath, just as a note of interest,  it was Father Rushton omi who conducted the Enneagram workshops at the Oblate administered Galilee centre in Arnprior, Ontario.  Those are the workshops which Lahey raved about, so much so that in 1992 he dispatched all the priests in St. George’s Newfoundland off to Arnprior, Ontario to study Enneagrams.

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2 Responses to No big deal?

  1. Brunelle Brenda says:

    Did anyone look into the relationship this judge may have had with this priest?

    Is there some information missing that the judge was referring his comment to?

    Please tell me he didn’t say it was not a big deal for fondling this young child, male or female?

    If so, he should be reported to the board.

    This is almost unbelievable. My prayers are with this victim, I know what he felt like before he entered the courtroom, I can’t imagine what he felt like as he walked out of the court room.


  2. Sylvia says:

    Bishop Sutton is no longer living at the Springhurst residence – he has moved to Quebec

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