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The long-awaited trial for Father Lucien Lussier was cancelled.  I don’t know when it was cancelled, but, it was cancelled. 

I checked with the Cornwall courthouse today.  Instead of a trial Lussier is now heading toward a fitness hearing, 31 May 2011.  The fitness hearing, as the name implies, is to  determine Lussier`s fitness to stand trial. 

Lussier`s lawyer is Don Johnson, a name familiar to those familiar with the Cornwall sex abuse scanadal and cover-up. Johnson, a former Crown attorney turned defence lawyer, testified at the Cornwall Public Inquiry in January 2009. 

I wonder what`s kept these charges floundering along and away from trial for nearly four years? This is a disgrace.  The complainants must be finding this awfully hard to deal with.  It will be such a shame if Lussier is spared trial because he is deemed unfit to stand trial.

There is another courtdate related to the Lussier charges. 24 March 2011 there will be something going on in remand court in the Cornwall court house.  This is related to the Crown`s desire to have charges of 18 October 2009 brought back.  I am not at all sure what that means.  We shall have to wait and see.

When I got this semi- sorted out today I must say my heart ached for those who had the courage to come forward only to find themelseves here nearly four years later.


I had an email query re Father George Gordon yesterday. I promised I would round up what info I could and get it posted today. That is done.

I am intrigued to see that Gordon was 46-years-old when he was ordained in 1951.  That was quite elderly in days when those who felt called to the priesthood entered seminary

I am puzzled too as to why it took him 10 years to get through seminary.  Why would he have had to go to St. Joseph`s in Edmonton to complete his studies in theology?  Was Christ the King in Mission BC not equipped to do so?  Did every seminarian at Christ the King have to head off to Edmonton?  If anyone can help me out on this I would greatly appreciate it?

Note the sentence.  Six months for molesting three boys ages 10 to 13! 


While putting together the info on Father George Gordon I discovered that both he and Father Edwin Budiman had served at Guardian Angles Roman Catholic Church in Vancouver – at different times, but, they had both served there.

I decided to bring the Father Budiman page up-to-date.  I finally called the courthouse in Vancouver to find out what happened to the charges laid against Budiman in February 2007.

They were stayed.  In November 2007 the charges were stayed. 

This is particularly interesting in light of the fact that the diocese actually conducted it`s own internal investigation  on sex abuse allegations against Budiman and as a result Burdiman was removed from Guardian Angels.  That was before charges were laid, and certainly says to me that the diocese found the allegations were credible.

So, what happened with the charges? Why were they stayed?

Does anyone have any information on this?


Two court dates tomorrow:

(1)  Father Albert Leblanc:  Yarmouth courthouse

(2) Monsignor Robert Borne: pre-trial motions (10 am, Pembroke Ontario courthouse.)

I hope people can get to the court house to find out what the pre-trials motions are.

As always, I encourage those who can do so to attend court to lend their support to the complainants, …..and also to find out what is going on.

And, as always, please give us an upate, either with a bog, or a link to media , or send info to me at

Enough for now,


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