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A few weeks ago I said I was going to add a page and further information on ex-priest and convicted child molester Ronald Kelly.  I have been working on that today.  I knew it was a big job, but it’s even more time-consuming than I had thought.  And even more disturbing!

So, the Ronald Kelly page is posted, but it’s not finished.  There is more info to add, plus I haven’t even touched the shenanigans surrounding Kelly’s trial and “sentencing” – that is a stroy in itself.   I will get to that this evening and tomorrow and will probably incorporate some of the information on the page, but I plan to post the majority of it as a blog. 

For now, there’s enough eye-brow-raising reading on the page to keep people busy.  For  those looking for more details, just google “Ronald Hubert Kelly,”  or “Ronald H. Kelly.” The internet is replete with articles about Kellys’ financial escapades  and the years he spent ‘hiding out’ in Panama.  My memory is that Kelly was eventually forced to leave Panama.  I also recall reading somewhere within the last year or two that he was back living in Newfoundland. I can’t find an article to confirm that – will keep looking, and, meanwhile if anyone can confirm please let me know.


There is a court date for Father James Boudreauin Guelph, Ontario tomorrow.  If anyone hears anything about the outcome please blog or send me the info at cornwall@theinquiry.ca

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