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Another name added yesterday:  Father Bohdan Borowec   

Father Bohdan Borowec, a Polish-born priest ordained in Canada for the  Ukrainian Archeparchy of Winnipeg Manitoba in 1984.  That means that Father Borowec belongs to the Ukrainian rite of the Roman Catholic Church which is in full communion with the Pope and Rome.

As you can see, there are variants to both Borowec’s first and last name.  He is identified as both Bothdan and Bohdan, and as Borowec and Borowic.  The Canadian Catholic Church Directory lists him as Bohdan Borowec.  I finally opted top go with the CCCD versions.

Borowec was arrested and charged while vacationing in Hawaii.  He has been charged with sexual assault and kidnapping a 55-year-old woman.  He is currently being held in a detention centre in Honolulu

I put together what information I could gather on Borowec.  He is listed in various documents online as an alumnus of Holy Spirit Ukrainian Catholic Seminary which is located in Ottawa. I do not know if Borowec pursued his seminary studies from start to finish at Holy Spirit, but he definitely did spend time in Ottawa..

There is a bit of a puzzle regarding what Borowec was doing in the mid and late 90s and early 2000s.  The CCCD gives an address on Machray Street, Winnipeg which is that of a small house.  He is not listed as pastor at any parish.  Was he assisting somewhere?  Was he serving as a chaplain at a local hospital?  Was he teaching? 

And so, for example, the 1994 CCCD gives his address as Fisher Branch, Manitoba and lists him as Pastor at Saint Nicholas with a number of mission churches.  According to the CCCDs he served there for several years.

The 1995 and 1996 CCCDs  list his address as Machray Ave,. Winnipeg.  He is not shown as in charge of any church within the eparchy.

In the 1997 CCCD his address is Thompson, Manitoba and he is shown as in charge of the churches in Thompson and Flin FLon Manitoba. 

The 1998 and 1999 CCCD’s give his address as Machray Ave,, Winnipeg.  He is not shown as in charge of any church within the eparchy.  The same holds true for the 2000 and 2002 CCCDs. 

The 2010 CCCD gives his address as Machray Ave.,  but it also shows him as being in charge at both Holy Ghost and Christ the King in Winnipeg. 

What was Father Borowec doing in those years where his address is in Winnipeg but he is not shown as in charge of a parish anywhere?  I am trying to find out.  There may well be a simple explanation, ie., a chaplaincy post.  I am trying to find out.  I would appreciate any information anyone can offer to fill in the blanks.


And word of an interesting and I believe necessary initiative from Regina, Saskatchewan:

February 2011:  Healing Community for Victims of Clergy Sexual Abuse Launched 

Need I say there is a crying need for Roman Catholics to be educated on the devastation caused by clerical sexual abuse?  And need I say there is a crying need for victims of clerical sexual abuse to receive support from the Roman Catholic community?

And dare I see there is a crying need for resources to assist these victims?

I believe this initiative holds great promise for victims left with the void which all too frequently accompanies the loss of faith experienced by the large majority of victims of clerical sexual abuse.

My one concern is that clerical molesters who are identified as such by victims will be dealt with.  There must be a means to ensure that this does not inadvertently become a mechanism whereby a diocese can aid the victims on one hand while, on the other,  allow known molesters to run free.

Enough for now,


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