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Well, a much more productive day today. 

I have been trying to reach the Honourable Tagak Curley’s, Nunavut’s Minister of Health and Social Services.  I wanted to find out what if any steps have been taken to ensure that the victims of Father Eric Dejaeger in Igloolik get the counselling services and support they so desparately need.  I know that excellent services were provided in Baker Lake, and I know that there was an outstanding team dispatched to assist victims throughout the Grollier Hall trials.  The Dejaeger victims in Igloolik deserve no less.

The Minister is a busy man.  I have been unable to connect.  Today however I had the pleasure of speaking to his Executive Assistant, Joby.  It was a good talk.   It is unclear what if any provisions have been made to ensure services for the Igloolik vicitms.   Joby will check into it and get back to me.  And, I really do believe he will :).


With the exception of Father Raymond-Marie Lavoie CSsR I believe I now have the Legal Calendar updated with all pending court dates (Father Lavoie’s proceedings are in Quebec city – there is a language barrier for me there.  I will try to find a way to get around it.)      

Here are the court dates and times, with a happy reminder that, according to bloggers, things seem to be changing quickly regarding the Father Hod Marshall charges:

ALLEN:  Father William Allen

Next court date: 07 March 2011. 08:30 am.  Courtroom # 5. Ottawa courthouse. (this is a courtroom used for remands so whatever happens there will another court date set)

JORDAN: Father James Jordan omi

Next court date: preliminary hearing 11 May 2011.  10 am. Courtroom #25. Ottawa courthouse.  

LEFEBVRE: Father Jean-Claude Lefebvre

Next court date 31 May 2011 10 am.  Courtroom “B”  Elm St. Courthouse, Sudbury, Ontario. 

 MARSHALL: Father William Hodgson Marshall

WINDSOR: : 03 March 2011 Windsor (10 am, courtroom #8, Windsor courthouse)

 TORONTO:  08 March 2011,  Toronto Old City courthouse ( 9:00 am, courtroom #111)

SUDBURY:  09 March 2011 Elm St. Courthouse Sudbury Ontario (10 am.  Courtroom “E”)

O’KEEFE:  Father Kenneth O’Keefe

Next court date: 16 March 2011.  08:30 am. Courtroom #5, Ottawa courthouse (this is a courtroom used for remands so whatever happens there will another court date set)

Enough for now,


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