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Not to plague you with my problems, but by way of explanation for promises not kept.

I am beginning to believe in poltergeists! 

 I do now have a phone line – after much experimenting and testing it turned out our phone system had gone kaput.  We were in need of a new one.  Once that problem was identified I got by for the remainder of the day with an ancient corded touch tone.  I now realize I have been thoroughly spoiled with the freedom afforded by cordless phones.  It’s hard to go back!

Part of technicians’ testing the problem with the phone line entailed using my husband’s cell to check the home line. I made call after call after call.  Then, suddenly, the cell phone locked. I couldn’t dial.  I couldn’t answer a call.  I couldn’t access the menu.  Nothing.  It looked like it was kaput too.

 Later I discovered that cell phones sometimes do that – they freeze.  For the benefit of those who have never encountered the problem, there is an easy fix.  Remove and reinsert the battery.  It works like a charm.  It took a while for me to sort that out, but once I got online to see what could have possibly caused the cell to lock I found the solution in no time. I pass it on for the benefit who are as technologically challenged as I.

So, the phone problem was identified and I was relegated to the old touch tone.  By early afternoon I thought my technological challenges were over and I settled in to scan something I had promised I’d scan for someone several days ago.   It wouldn’t scan!  The all-in-one printer which I routinely and regularly  use for scanning absolutely refused to scan. 

So, I uninstalled the printer, inserted the printer installation disc  and tried to reinstall.  The computer flatly refused to allow the install.   The bizarre thing is that I installed that very software months ago on this very  machine.  But, today it protested vehemently.

I tried hooking up a different printer.  That meant installing the relevant software.  Same problem.  Vehement refusal.

To make a long story short I finally started downloading drivers which I didn’t need before.  Seems I do need them now.  I finally got the printer installed and was able to get the scan done. 

Then it was off to buy a new phone system.  Mission accomplished and the base units are now charging.  Tomorrow should be a better day.

Bottom line of all of this:  I got nothing done today!  Aside getting things working which had mysteriously stopped working, I accomplished not one single thing. 

Poltergeists? 🙂

I dare not promise, but I will try again tomorrow – the court dates, the Monsignor Kevin Beach exchange, and the Father Joseph Moore page..  I will do what I can.

Enough for now,


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2 Responses to Poltergeists?

  1. Larry Green says:

    ” Poltergeists?” Nah , I think the air in your house has way to many Kaput molecules in it. Better open the windows for a while Sylvia. 🙂

  2. Sylvia says:

    Well Larry, I did open the windows. Belivee it or not I opened the windows because our carbon monoxide sensor started alarming. I kept checking and re-setting it. Then thought best to open the windows wide (just in case). Finally had a fireman in to check things out – the sensor is kaput 🙂

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