The weekend flew

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The weekend flew by.  A bit of family time.  A bit of catching up on emails with some still to go.  And a bit of research. 

I will get caught up on court dates tomorrow.  There are a number to do -will make that my major priority so that the legal calendar is up-to-date.  I will also, as promised  a few days ago,  get the Father Joseph P. Moore page added.  (Moore is an American  priest who was removed from a diocese in the States after reports in the late 70s that he had molested young boys.  He spent about a year in Ottawa in the late 80s living at a house for pre-seminary students studying Philosophy.)

And, I will also post information regarding my correspondence with (1) Marilyn Sweet, spokesperson for the Archdiocese of Halifax, and (2) Monsignor Kevin Beech, Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Ottawa.

Enough for now,


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