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The translator doesn’t translate Comments!  Isn’t that ridiculous?  Why would it translate everything but the Comments?  Anyway, I am now on the hunt for a way to add a translate feature for comments.  It’s not looking too easy, but I willl keep hunting.  There has to be something! 

Things may get a little disorganized for a few moments as I try out different options.  Bear with me 🙂


Does anyone have any news on Father Hod Marshall’s court date in Windsor yesterday?  Was it cancelled, or was there activity of some sort?


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4 Responses to Ridiculous?

  1. Sylvia says:

    I think the translate issue is resolved. There are now two options available: (1) Click the Google Translator at the top of the sidebar on the right, and/or (2) there is a “Translate” link above every page AND at the bottom of every Comment. Click on the Translate link and pick your language of choice. I can add more languages upon request.

    Option 2 is essential for translating Comments.

  2. snowdog says:

    your site is very confusing now to navigate time to move on it seems.

    • Lina says:

      snowdog ,

      I hope & wish you well!


    • Sylvia says:

      Is it the Translate feature which is causing problems snowdog? Or is it some other part of the site? If people don’ let me know where they are having navigational problems I can’t try to find ways to make to make it more user friendly.

      I know I created confusion when I shifted a discussion from the Father Fallona page over to the Father Borne page. You snowdog had been engaged in discussion on the Father Fallona page. That discussion moved into discussion which was related solely to the Pembroke diocese and no longer had anything to do with Father Fallona or Brenda. I directed the discussion to continue on the Father Robert Borne page.

      I was aware that that would create confusion, but I felt I had to do it. I apologize for the confusion which that undoubtedly created snowdog but I felt I had to do it and had to direct people to try to keep their comments relevant to a particular thread. It was shortly after that that I added the Dialogue thread, and that in the hope that it would give people an avenue to discuss freely.

      So, if this helps, here is a link to your comment to Brenda on the Father Fallona csb page: http://www.theinquiry.ca/wordpress/charged/fallona-father-michael-fallona-csb/comment-page-1/#comment-113774

      The exchanges then began to focus on the Pembroke Diocese. I decided I should shift the discussion over to the Father Borne page: http://www.theinquiry.ca/wordpress/charged/fallona-father-michael-fallona-csb/comment-page-1/#comment-113899

      And you commented again on the Fallona thread here: http://www.theinquiry.ca/wordpress/charged/fallona-father-michael-fallona-csb/comment-page-1/#comment-114317

      As I say snowdog, I am sorry for the confusion that that has created but I truly knew of no other way to keep the Father Fallona information from being overtaken by Pembroke Diocese info.

      That bit of a mess aside, people have to let me know where they are having difficulty navigating the site. I want the site to be user friendly and can do so only when I know the problems which are being encountered. I don’t take offence and I am open to suggestions.

      With that, I invite your and everyone’s suggestions as to how to improve the site to make it more user friendly. If I can do it I wil :)l.

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