Did he teach school there?

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Another court date for Father William Hodgson Marshall csb today, this one at 10 am in Windsor.  Given that all charges have yet to be transferred to Windsor there probably won’t be too much happening there – aside setting another date.  As always, if there is any news please pass it on by link or comment.


I have changed the translator to one which is more user friendly.  The other one took a lot of fiddling around to get it working so I found another.  Bear in mind that these translations are only an assist and far from accurate, but they are suffice to provide the gist of the content of any given article or blog.


The google search engine is up and running.  It searches and gives results from both www.theinquiry.ca and Sylvia’s Site.  Surprisingly the google search is one of the best site search engines there is.  The only draw back is that it will not find information which has been posted within the last 24 hours or so, but, that’s not bad.    I may add a search engine which will pick those up, but not right now.

While working at installing the google searh I had to dabble around my google account, something I don’t often do.  In the process I discovered that I have a lot of fixing up to do on the site.  The change to this new theme etc created havoc with links and make it difficult for the major internet search engines to navigate threads within the site.  I started working on fixing a lot of those issues last evening – still a fair bit to do and will carry on with that while things are in a bit of a lull.

Out of interest, and for all you people in the Pembroke area, as I was going through files I came across  these articles regarding the testimony of a witness/”alleged” victim at the Cornwall Public Inquiry identified by the moniker C-4.  C-4, later identified as Kevin Upper, alleges he was molested by Father Charles MacDonald at a cottage in Eganville ):

29 May 2007: Man claims he was abused by priest while the two were in same bed

30 May 2007:  Abuse inquiry hears letter 0f apology

29 May 2007:  Inquiry witness claims letter was written by priest

Father Charles MacDonald, a late vocation to the priesthood, was a school teacher prior to his decision to pursue studies for the priesthood and subsequent ordination in 1969.  I don’t know whose cottage MacDonald was at in 1980 or 1981,- it may well have been his own,  but it’s in the back of my mind that he once taught school in the area.  Can anyone confirm or deny that for me?  I shall try to find out, but if someone happens to know one way or the other it would probably answer the question much more quickly than I can. 


I have the name of yet another priest to add to list of Accused:  Father Leon Gagnon, Diocese of Bathurst, New Brunswick.  I will get that done before I return to the task of fixing up and getting the site in good order.

Enough for now,


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