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I have added a link to the main menu.  For want of a better word, I have called it  “CHATTER.”   You can find it on the above horizontal menu  right beside “Accused.”  My hope is that this will provide a forum for people to chatter without derailing threads for those charged, sued or accused. 


I posted two articles this morning;

(1) 26 January 2011: Catholic Priest gets bail in rape charge

I posted a comment at the bottom of the article.  I could be mistaken, but this has the look of recycled molester who carried right on.

(2) 14 February 2011: Nova Scotia Catholics prepare to sell land

Thanks to clerical molesters and those who covered up for  them, three Canadian dioceses now in dire financial straights:  Yarmouth (Nova Scotia), Antigonish (Nova Scotia) and St. George’s (Newfoundland).  As a point of interest, Bishop Raymond Lahey has served as Bishop in both the Antigonish and St. George’s dioceses.


I have word from the Philippines that Father Ed Bayani is now at Saint James the Greater Parish in Batangas. I had come across his name in the Archdiocese of Lipa’s official newspaper  but was not certain that it was him.  I now have confirmation that it is.


Now I shall get back to getting the information rounded up for a Father Ivan Payne .

Enough for now,


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